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Spectromelt® Fluxes for Highest Precision

Fusion is an effective method of XRF sample preparation especially when a high degree of precision is needed. For optimal measurement accuracy, interferences caused by trace impurities in the sample are to be minimized by using a high-purity flux. Spectromelt® borates from Merck are the ideal fluxing agents for reliable XRF analysis results: Their exceptionally high purity and batch-to-batch consistency facilitates very homogeneous samples, increases measurement precision and minimizes the need for instrument adjustments.

Our portfolio comprises XRF fluxes based on lithium borates (Spectromelt® A series) as well as flux based on sodium borates (Spectromelt® B 10). All our Spectromelt® fluxing agents feature extensive specifications of trace impurities and are available as granulated material or as fused particles. The fused particles are spherical, have a small particle size distribution and a higher bulk density. They are especially easy to handle and show a low loss on ignition.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
110783 Spectromelt® A 10 - (Spectromelt® A 10)
111724 助融剂 - (Spectromelt® A 14)
113175 压片助剂 - (Spectromelt® A 1000)
112630 Spectromelt® A 100 - (Spectromelt® A 100)
111802 助融剂 - (Spectromelt® A 12)
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