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Reference Materials for Reliable Calibration in Conductivity Measurement

Accurate instrument calibration is the prerequisite for reliable conductivity measurements. Merck provides high-quality reference conductivity standards for extremely precise calibration of your conductivity measurement instruments.

Certipur® reference materials for conductivity measurement are tested and certified by our own calibration lab that has been accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025. They are measured against our own primary reference materials certified by PTB in Brunswick (Germany) and against international conductivity standards from NIST (U.S.). Both these traceability procedures are documented in the comprehensive, batch-specific Certificate of Analysis provided for all our Certipur® reference materials. Additionally we also have the ISO Guide 34 accreditations as reference material producer for conductivity standards. 

Merck also offers ready-to-use conductivity standards packed in practical sachets – ideal for mobile environmental analysis. They are safely packed in small, handy portions, always fresh and protected from contamination with micro-organisms and pollutants. You hence benefit from easy handling and precise, reliable conductivity results.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
101254 氯化钾水溶液 - (Potassium chloride solution (nominal 12.8 mS/cm))
101553 电导度液标准品 1.41 mS/cm - (Potassium chloride solution (nominal 1.41 mS/cm))
101557 氯化钾水溶液 - (Potassium chloride solution (nominal 0.147 mS/cm))
101586 电导度液标准品 0.147 mS/cm - (Potassium chloride solution (nominal 0.147 mS/cm))
101810 电导水(标称 0 mS/cm) - (Conductivity water ( nominal 0 mS/cm))
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