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Next Generation Sequencing

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Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology can allow unprecedented, gigabase (gb)-length sequencing of genomic DNA per run. In addition to the utility of NGS in gene target resequencing and deciphering genetic biomarkers in disease, NGS-based applications (such as transcriptomics/RNA-sequencing, ChIP-sequencing, single-cell sequencing) provide a high-resolution, multidimensional approach to linking nucleic acid sequences to cell phenotypes.

Advancements in NGS sequencing chemistries and instrument throughput provides decreased cost-per-base sequencing. However, sample preparation for sequencing remains a challenge due to intractable sample types, input templates, varying quality of library preparation and cost per library. Furthermore, multiple, time-consuming steps leading to library preparation can cause bottlenecks in the sequencing process, exacerbated by insufficient DNA yield, excessive sequence bias, and other challenges to library quality that compromise sequencing data. Merck's PureGenome™ tools offer fast, cost-effective solutions for the highest quality NGS sample preparation.