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Safe Storage

Customer Issue: Proper storage of chemicals within a laboratory is a difficult and ongoing problem. Each laboratory must establish a policy to provide for the proper storage, handling and use of different chemicals. Many chemicals have special storage requirements with temperature, time, or security restrictions. Common storage problems in laboratories can lead to mixing incompatible chemicals. Proper storage is needed to minimize the hazards associated with accidentally mixing incompatible chemicals. The overall purpose is to maintain control over the chemicals so that they can be safely stored and retrieved. Certain of these regulations are not to be ignored.

Merck's Solution: Accidents resulting from poor storage techniques are preventable. Merck has prepared a poster containing information about the hazard potential of the various storage classes and about all key aspects concerning the mixed storage of chemicals. This also includes adherence to protective measures and codes of conduct, as well as the creation of standard operating procedures.

Benefits for you: On our Web site you will find guidelines that include general rules of safe storage, definition of storage groups and illustrations of storage plans in lab facilities. By applying the information on our Web site, you can create a safer place to work through a safer storage environment, wiser storage practices and procedures, informed personnel, and the intelligent use of information. Applied knowledge for identifying chemical storage hazards, solutions and alternative measures for storing specific hazard classes of chemicals, and innovative case histories provide a wealth of information you can draw on to enhance the safety of your storage situations. Our poster is simple and the best solution to secure your business.



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