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BioContinuum Platform for Next Generation Bioprocessing

Convergent Evolution Towards Bioprocessing 4.0

Press Release:

In evolutionary biology, "convergent evolution" is the process whereby organisms, not closely related, independently evolve similar traits as a result of having to adapt to similar environments or ecological niches.

Such a convergent evolution does not only exist in nature. One can even observe it in today’s biopharmaceutical industry!

The current paradigm shift and digital transformation in biomanufacturing will result in a facility of the future that is truly an ecosystem of intensified, connected & continuous processing seamlessly coupled with uninterrupted data acquisition and analysis. Together, this will make real-time lot release and lights-out manufacturing achievable to the ultimate benefit of patients around the globe, expanding access to affordable life-saving and life-enhancing biotherapeutics.

No matter your path – developing an intensified, connected or continuous bioprocess or going a step further towards Bioprocessing 4.0 – the BioContinuum™ Platform provides the process and digital building blocks to help you achieve your bioprocessing goals.

Convergent Bioprocessing: Inspired by nature, made better by scientists and engineers - now brought to biopharma. It’s time to converge – together!

Convergent Bioprocessing: An Evolutionary Journey Across Many Disciplines
The facility of the future will require a transformation in how biologics are developed and manufactured

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The BioContinuum™ Platform is a single environment where you can converge intensified, connected or continuous processes with novel control, integration and analytical tools to unlock unprecedented possibilities to transform your bioprocess!

Have a look into the facility of the future!

This animation shows how we envision advanced processing and automation models to provide you with maximum safety, control, transparency, and repeatability in your manufacture of biotherapeutics.