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Reusable Filtration Products

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Green Your Lab with Reusable Filtration Products

Lab work can generate a lot of waste – not only chemical waste, but also plastic waste, water waste, and energy waste. Next time you are preparing a sample for HPLC, running aseptic filtration, or clarifying a small volume of liquid, use a planet-friendly, reusable filter holder.

Merck's reusable filter holders allow you to achieve the same high-quality filtration you experience with Merck disposables, while reducing waste. Our reusable, syringe-driven and vacuum-driven filtration devices are:
  • Available in glass, polymeric, and stainless steel
  • Can be autoclaved for aseptic filtration applications
  • Compatible with Millipore membrane discs including Durapore® and Merck Express® PES
Plus, once you complete your filtration you have the option of retrieving the membrane for further analysis - you can't do that with disposables!

Syringe Filters

Reusable and autoclavable with filters in place. Use to ultraclean or sterilize small volumes of liquids dispensed by a syringe.

Swinnex® polypropylene filter holder Swinny stainless steel filter holder, solvent compatible Microsyringe stainless steel filter holder, solvent compatible
Swinnex® – 13 mm, 25 mm, 47 mm polypropylene filter holder Swinny - 13 mm stainless steel filter holder, solvent compatible Microsyringe - 25 mm stainless steel filter holder, solvent compatible

Vacuum Filtration Devices — Reusable, Autoclavable

Sterifil® polysulfone polypropylene filter
Sterifil® polysulfone/polypropylene filter — Used in general filtration for particulate or biological contamination analysis. Closed unit protects sample and filtrate from environmental contamination; polysulfone and polypropylene parts are robust enough to use in the field. The membrane can be recovered for further analysis. Sterifil® can be autoclaved with membrane in place.

glass filter holder
Glass Filter Holder — Excellent for use in analysis of suspended solids, bacteriological analysis, particulate contamination of oils and hydraulic fluids. Available as all glass or with a stainless steel membrane support.