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Normal and Reversed Phase Chromatography for Reliable Polishing


Reversed and normal phase sorbents and silica gels for reliable polishing

Preparative column chomatography (advanced normal phase and reversed phase chromatography) plays an important role in purifying valuable compounds in research, pilot plant operation and production. The advantage of this method is that it delivers high levels of purity in a rapid and economical manner.

If silica gel for advanced normal-phase and reversed phase chromatography is required, we recommend using the irregular shaped LiChroprep® or the perfect spherical PharmPrep™ – highly versatile materials providing fast, effective and reproducible separation.

For reversed phase and normal phase chromatography the quality of the sorbent is of tremendous importance. Selectivity is one of the most important factors in chromatography. It is decisive in determining the quality and the reproducibility of a chromatographic separation and in addition, on a preparative scale, it also determines, to a large extent, the yield.

Merck's inorganic sorbents will deliver reproducible results within narrow band ranges. This provides the highest degree of reliability for chromatographic separations and purifications in the laboratory, pilot plant and production.
Reversed Phase Chromatography Media from Merck
  • PharmPrep™ P RP  – spherical, porous silica gel matrix for the polishing step of small peptides like insulin, and other biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical APIs, including antibiotics and hormones
  • LiChroprep® RP  – highly versatile materials providing fast, effective and reproducible separation
Normal Phase Chromatography Media from Merck
  • PharmPrep™ P Si  –  high performance spherical, porous silica gel providing polar properties used for the polishing step of biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical APIs like hormones
  • LiChroprep® Si  – an irregularly shaped, homogeneous silica gel matrix with a narrow, well-defined particle distribution for high separating performance and permeability with good reproducibility
  • Silica Gel 60  – an irregularly shaped silica gel matrix ideal for simple adsorption processes and normal-phase chromatography
  • Aluminum Oxide  – a versatile sorbent for preparative chromatography, with high pH stability and acidic and basic centers that result in anion and cation exchange properties
  • Florisil®  – polar, highly selective magnesium silicate particularly suitable for the separation of steriods, alkaloids, antibiotics, etc.
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