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Basic Rules

Develop and Encourage Safe Habits. Merck Supports you!

Customer Issue: Are you are in charge of a laboratory? If so, you are responsible for the prevention of accidents and the safety of all persons working there as well as for the working environment. Strive to improve personal well-being in the area for which you are responsible. Instructions and support material, SDS, safety labels and safety posters create a better working environment and assure the health of your employees. Ensure safety and increase efficiency!

Merck's Solution: We offer you a concise poster with all the information you need on our Web site. You will get individual instructions about our materials and a wide range of information.

Moreover, our poster will help you to communicate the basic rules in your laboratory. It is conveniently divided into various sections that address safety rules, storage classes, hazard symbol descriptions, risk and safety phrases, and hazardous chemicals with their respective risk and safety classifications.

Benefits for you: Our safety labels and poster contain all the information you need. By using the safety data sheet information you will simplify your daily work and you will get more clarity through classification according to hazard groups. We offer you convenient and essential information for instructing personnel, a brief user's guide, and clear information on handling emergency situations.



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