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Merck has been a key partner and supplier to rapid diagnostic manufacturers since the industry's beginning. Made on a state-of-the-art casting machine, our line of Hi-Flow™ Plus nitrocellulose membrane has earned a worldwide reputation for high consistency, both within rolls and between lots. You can also count on our line of SureWick® Pad materials as the sample pad and conjugate release pad in your test.

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OEM Case Study
Accelerating Time to Market Using Custom Lateral Flow Membranes

The  OEM  Project Situation: A manufacturer of IVD lateral flow tests needed to quickly develop a new product to diagnose an infectious disease that had suddenly spread to several regions of the world, causing serious public health risks...

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Considerations for Product Development

In vitro diagnostic test strips, based on the principles of immunochromatography, exist for a wide array of target analytes. The first tests were made for the detection of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). Today, there are commercially available tests for monitoring ovulation, detecting infectious disease organisms, analyzing drug abuse, and measuring other analytes important to human physiology.

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Estapor® and Hi-Flow Plus Application Note

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