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ステリカップ(Stericup)吸引式ろ過システムは、容量150 mLから1,000 mL(目安)の処理用に、ステリトップフィルターユニットと処理、貯蔵用の回収フラスコを組み合わせた製品です。倒れず握りやすいフラスコのデザインとコンパクトな外形により、ろ過の間の安定性を向上し、回収フラスコの締め付けが容易になり、そして、ラミナーフローフードでの使用にも最適です。

ステリカップ(Stericup)吸引式ろ過システムは、容量150 mLから1,000 mL(目安)の処理用に、ステリトップフィルターユニットと処理、貯蔵用の回収フラスコを組み合わせた製品です。






高流量およびタンパク低吸着0.1 µmミリポア エクスプレス (PES) メンブレン装着ユニット、水溶液のろ過滅菌およびマイコプラズマ除去用;滅菌済み並べ替えとフィルターをクリアする Show Filter
SCVPU02REステリカップ(Stericup)-VP, 0.10 µm, ポリエーテルスルホン, 250 mL, 放射線滅菌済 250 mL 250 mLボトル キャップ付 12 価格&在庫状況を表示
SCVPU11REステリカップ(Stericup)-VP, 0.10 µm, ポリエーテルスルホン, 1000 mL, 放射線滅菌済 1 L 1000 mLボトル キャップ付 12 価格&在庫状況を表示


高流量およびタンパク低吸着0.22 µmミリポア エクスプレス (PES) メンブレン装着ユニット、水溶液のろ過滅菌用;滅菌済み並べ替えとフィルターをクリアする Show Filter
SCGPU01REステリカップ(Stericup)-GP, 0.22 µm, ポリエーテルスルホン, 150 mL, 放射線滅菌済 150 mL 150 mLボトル キャップ付 12 価格&在庫状況を表示
SCGPU10REステリカップ(Stericup)-GP, 0.22 µm, ポリエーテルスルホン, 500/1000 mL, 放射線滅菌済 500 mL 1000 mLボトル キャップ付 12 価格&在庫状況を表示

* These products have been tested for use in stem cell research applications. To determine their effects on Mouse Stem Cell growth or differentiation, three lots of Stericup-GP devices were used to filter media with LIF. Once filtered, this media was used to passage mouse stem cells five times to verify that Stericup-GP filtration does not impact pluripotency of mouse stem cells.


タンパク吸着が非常に少ない0.22 µmデュラポア (PVDF) メンブレン装着ユニット、水溶液のろ過滅菌用;滅菌済み並べ替えとフィルターをクリアする Show Filter
SCGVU01REステリカップ(Stericup)-GV , 0.22 µm, PVDF, 150 mL, 放射線滅菌済 150 mL 150 mLボトル キャップ付 12 価格&在庫状況を表示
SCGVU02REステリカップ(Stericup)-GV , 0.22 µm, PVDF, 250 mL, 放射線滅菌済 250 mL 250 mLボトル キャップ付 12 価格&在庫状況を表示
SCGVU05REステリカップ(Stericup)-GV , 0.22 µm, PVDF, 500 mL, 放射線滅菌済 500 mL 500 mLボトル キャップ付 12 価格&在庫状況を表示
SCGVU11REステリカップ(Stericup)-GV , 0.22 µm, PVDF, 1000/1000 mL, 放射線滅菌済 1 L 1000 mLボトル キャップ付 12 価格&在庫状況を表示


タンパク吸着が非常に少ない0.45 µmデュラポア (PVDF) メンブレン装着ユニット、水溶液の清澄化用;滅菌済み並べ替えとフィルターをクリアする Show Filter
SCHVU01REステリカップ(Stericup)-HV, 0.45 µm, PVDF, 150 mL, 放射線滅菌済 150 mL 150 mLボトル キャップ付 12 価格&在庫状況を表示
SCHVU02REステリカップ(Stericup)-HV, 0.45 µm, PVDF, 250 mL, 放射線滅菌済 250 mL 250 mLボトル キャップ付 12 価格&在庫状況を表示
SCHVU11REステリカップ(Stericup)-HV, 0.45 µm, PVDF, 1000/1000 mL, 放射線滅菌済 1 L 1000 mLボトル キャップ付 12 価格&在庫状況を表示




Advanced cell culture systems for every challenge.
Precise cell assays start with Stericup® media filtration
Simply better membrane technology, simply better Stericup® filters.
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Stericup and Steritop Vacuum Filter Cups


Can I purchase extra receiver flasks for the Stericups separately?Yes, the catalog number is SC00B10RE.
Can you freeze Stericup units?You can successfully freeze and store many aqueous solutions ( such as culture media ) at temperatures to -20C ( -4F ). We strongly recommend that you run a trial under actual conditions to test for suitability of the bottles for frozen storage.
Do you have a filter for 100% serum?Yes, you can filter serum with Millipore Express membrane. The Express membrane was designed for this application and offers fast filtration time. Millipore Express is available in a large number of filter devices including Millex syringe filters, Stericup and Steritop vacuum devices, Sterivac for large volumes of media and Steriflip for 50 mls.
I want to sterilize 100% ethanol. Are any of the Stericups or Steritops compatible with ethanol?The funnel and receiver flask is made of polystyrene. Any molded polystyrene will craze in pure ethanol and could structurally fail depending on the forces being applied to it. The funnel could handle the short exposure time but the receiver would craze eventually. Therefore we would not recommend the Stericup with 100% ethanol. The Steritop, if you keep the exposure time to the funnel minimal, should be fine. As you dilute the alcohol the compatibility improves.

Both Express and Durapore membranes are compatible. MCE is not.
I will be filtering tissue culture media with your Stericup/top and am concerned that wetting agents in the filter could effect my cells. Which membrane type would you recommend to avoid this?All of Millipore's Tissue Culture Media filtration sterilization devices contain membranes that are wetting agent (surfactant ) free.
When I use my Stericup/top, sometimes some of my sterilized solution gets pulled into my vacuum line. How can I eliminate this from happening?Attach your vacuum tubing and turn the vacuum on before adding the liquid to the Stericup/top. This eliminates any initial solution that flowed through the membrane before starting the vacuum from being pulled into the vacuum line.
What is the diameter of the membrane in the Stericup and Steritop units?All of the cups and tops currently have a 70mm diameter membrane, which has 43 cm2 of surface area.
Should I filter my acrylamide solution prior to gel casting?Yes, filtering your acrylamide solution before adding the polymerization activator ammonium persulfate and TEMED will accomplish two things.
1. It will eliminate particulate matter that may interfere with base calling when sequencing or that may create "hot" spots in the gel, and
2. It will aid in degassing, which will promote efficient polymerization of the gel.

Products appropriate for this application would be Stericup, Steritop or Steriflip with express membrane.
It sounds like air is leaking into my Stericup, what should I do?First make sure that the top is securely fastened to the base. Discontinue use if there appears to be any cracks on the apparatus.
What Stericup would you recommend to remove mycoplasma?The Stericup VP ontains an 0.1um Express membrane. The VP membrane has been validated for the removal of mycoplasma.


Stericup and Steritop Filtration and Storage Systems



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