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At Merck, we are rebranding all of our life science products, packaging, labeling and related documentation to reflect consistent corporate branding and relevant portfolio branding.

This will ensure that our products and packaging are visibly, boldly and undeniably Merck and that you will start to see a consistent brand presence across the entirety of Merck.

The rebranding of our product packaging and labeling, in conjunction with the realignment of our products into our six portfolio brands, follows the launch of our new brand in 2015 and the integration of Sigma-Aldrich into our life science business, the largest acquisition in our history.

Our new product portfolio brand structure and visual identity sets the tone for the future of our business – as an organization that is pioneering, imaginative, bold and unique, and which creates diverse and innovative experiences for our customers.

Aside from these changes, nothing about the functionality or characteristics of the products, or how they are ordered, will change.

For more information on the packaging and labeling changes, please see the following pages, or contact Customer Service, email or contact your dedicated account manager.

For additional information on the portfolio brand strategy, visit: