Manipulate and Analyze DNA and RNA with Tools for Genomic Analysis.

Whether you need to clone a gene, modify a DNA sequence, quantify intracellular DNA and RNA or express a recombinant protein, you need a complete set of genomic analysis tools that work together. Featuring groundbreaking SmartFlare™ technology for live cell RNA detection and building on the molecular biology expertise of Novagen, Merck’s products support every step of your genomic analysis workflow. Learn how our tools for RNA detection, PCR, DNA purification, cloning, transfection and protein expression can help you develop smarter, more predictive model systems for your research.

DNA Preparation & Cloning
DNA Preparation & cloningMerck’s molecular biologists work to develop the newest, best performing polymerases for customer use, optimizing conditions, buffer compositions, and cycling parameters to save you valuable time and resources.

Learn more about DNA Preparation & Cloning
Transfection & Protein Expression
Transfection & Protein ExpressionMerck recognizes that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to your transfection needs. We provide the breadth of transfection reagents necessary to give you the freedom to design the perfect experiment.

Learn more about Transfection & Protein Expression 

SmartFlare™ Live Cell RNA Detection

SmartFlare live cell RNA detectionLive cell RNA detection is now possible, in a single incubation step using inert nanoparticle technology.

Learn more about SmartFlare™ live cell RNA detection
Epigenetics and Nuclear Function

Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/Genomic-Analysis/Epigenetics/epigenetics-shape.jpgOptimized kits and assays for DNA methylation, chromatin immuno-precipitation, histone modification and RNA mediated gene regulation analysis.

Learn more about Epigenetics and Nuclear Function
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