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Count on Merck's Well-Characterized, Highly Cited Biochemicals to Advance Life Science.

Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/Research-Biochemicals/research-essential-biochemicals.jpg Our biochemicals range from general-use reagents, such as antibiotics, buffers, detergents, dyes and substrates, to analysis-specific biochemicals, such as target-specific probes, antibodies, assays, Western blotting reagents, small molecule inhibitors and activators, cell culture supplements, protein purification reagents, molecular biology tools and staining kits.

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Antibodies and Assays

Antibodies and Assays

Put the most Reput(Ab)le Antibodies to work for you

Small Molecule Inhibitors and Modulators

Small Molecule Inhibitors and Modulators

Inhibitors and other small molecules are critical for studying cell signaling and other mechanisms that control cell fate, function and phenotype.

Essential Biochemicals

Essential Biochemicals

Research Essential biochemicals are basic components in a wide range of applications. Lay the foundation for publication quality results by using high quality reagents.

Protein Extraction Reagents

Protein Purification Reagents

Complete range of reagents and enzymes for cell lysis and protein extraction

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Essential Biochemicals for Research: Technical Resource and Product Guide

Now everything you need to know about the preparation and use of research essential biochemicals, such as antibiotics, buffers, detergents, dyes, stains and substrates, are in one convenient book.

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