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Deuterated Solvents for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy MagniSolv™



Comprehensive Range of Deuterated Solvents for NMR Spectroscopy

Deuterated solvents are indispensable to NMR spectroscopy, the most important method in the structural analysis of organic molecules. Merck provides a wide range of MagniSolv™ deuterated solvents comprising the “classical” standard products as well as “exotic” specialities and designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements of researchers.

MagniSolv™ deuterated solvents feature extremely low residual water, excellent chemical purity, and the highest isotopic enrichment available, ensuring reliable results in all your NMR spectroscopy tasks. Depending on application and sensitivity of the NMR spectrometer, we offer solvents with appropriate deuteration degrees between 98 % and 99.96 %. Moreover, only Merck specifies water content for all water-soluble deuterated standard products according to both Karl Fischer and NMR for even more reliability.

For safe and easy handling and maximum flexibility, we provide a wide range of different packaging types (bottles, practical ampoules and septum bottles) and packaging sizes. We are also prepared to offer large volumes of MagniSolv™ deuterated compounds, special package sizes and non-standard grades.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
103591 氘代二甲亚砜-D6 - (Dimethyl sulfoxide-D6)
108183 四甲基硅烷 - (Tetramethylsilane)
103420 氘代氯仿 - (Chloroform-D1)
103424 氘代二甲亚砜 - (Dimethyl sulfoxide-D6)
113364 氘代四氢呋喃 - (Tetrahydrofuran-D8)
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