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Best Optical and Chemical Purity for Reliable
Spectroscopy Results

In spectroscopy applications, accurate analytic results depend on the use of very pure solvents for sample preparation. Uvasol® solvents from Merck are specially designed for spectroscopy and other applications that demand solvents of the highest spectral purity. Uvasol® solvents offer you the best optical purity for UV/VIS and infrared spectroscopy as well as outstanding chemical purity (minimal fluorescence, water, evaporation residue, acidity, alkalinity) – consistently from batch to batch.

Using Uvasol® solvents in your spectroscopy applications, you thus achieve accurate, reliable analytical results, avoid misinterpretations caused by traces of UV, IR and fluorescence active contamination, and save time and costs by eliminating the need for repeat analyses.

In order to secure these excellent features of Uvasol® solvents, we produce them using only premium quality raw materials and subject them to stringent purification procedures. For maximum application security, Uvasol® solvents are comprehensively tested for highest spectrophotometric demands.

Uvasol® solvents not only have the widest specification of UV range in the market, with highest UV transmittance even in low wavelength ranges – their specified UV transmission is also compliant with ACS and Reag Ph Eur regulations. This makes Uvasol® the optimal choice for all UV/VIS spectroscopy applications.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
108262 三氟乙酸 - (Trifluoroacetic acid)
102822 环己烷 - (Cyclohexane)
104366 正庚烷 - (n-Heptane)
101984 甲基叔丁基醚 - (tert-Butyl methyl ether)
104907 溴化钾 - (Potassium bromide)
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