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UV/VIS Spectroscopy Determines Known and Unknown Substances.

Reliable and Accurate Results

UV/VIS spectroscopy is an indispensable method in modern analytical laboratory. It is well-established, reliable and accurate.

Using UV/VIS Spectroscopy:
  • Unknown substances can be identified. 
  • The concentration of known substances can be determined.

Merck provides you with a wide range of equipment and tools for your spectroscopic analysis: solvents, spectrophotometers, and standards.

Solvents for UV spectroscopy must have good dissolving properties and transmit UV light over a wide UV range. Merck’s Uvasol® range has been specially designed for spectroscopy and other applications requiring solvents of the highest spectral purity.

Combining the benefits of a system photometer with the versatility of a spectrophotometer, Merck’s Spectroquant® Pharo 100 and 300 spectrophotometers open up the possibilities for your analysis. Whether you wish to program your own methods, measure concentrations or absorbances, record spectra and kinetic profiles, or perform multiwavelength measurements, Merck spectrophotometers make all applications possible – and easy.

UV/VIS spectrometers must be checked regularly for correctness and uniformity of results and function – and documented as such. For the qualification of your UV/VIS photometer, Merck is supplier of UV/VIS standards Certipur®.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
108262 三氟乙酸 - (Trifluoroacetic acid)
102822 环己烷 - (Cyclohexane)
104366 正庚烷 - (n-Heptane)
108164 UV/VIS 校正标准品 4 -- 迷光 - (UV-VIS Standard 4: Potassium chloride solution)
101984 甲基叔丁基醚 - (tert-Butyl methyl ether)
104660 UV-VIS 标准品 1a: 重铬酸钾溶液 (600 mg/l) - (UV-VIS Standard 1a: Potassium dichromate solution (600 mg/l))
104907 溴化钾 - (Potassium bromide)
108160 UV/VIS 校正标准品 1 -- 吸光值 - (UV-VIS Standard 1: Potassium dichromate solution)
106048 二氯甲烷 - (Dichloromethane)
108166 校正标准品6-波长 - (UV-VIS Standard 6: holmium oxide solution)
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