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Cell Therapy Success

Thank you from Merck for attending the 2019 ISCT Meeting in Melbourne!

We hope you had the opportunity to visit us. Whether you are in preclinical development or commercializing your therapy, Merck provides a spectrum of solutions to the challenges in cell therapy production.

Coming soon: Stemline® XF MSC Medium

We are proud to introduce a xeno-free mesenchymal stem/stromal cell (MSC) culture medium created to support cell expansion for clinical and commercial manufacturing. Designed to perform in both planar and suspension formats, Stemline® XF MSC Medium is suited for cell therapy applications thanks to careful selection of raw materials, a sustainable supply chain, and a production process that incorporates our wealth of regulatory expertise.

Stemline® XF MSC Medium

Comparison of growth in microcarrier-based 3 L bioreactor format. Total cell counts on Day 8 indicate Stemline® XF MSC medium outperformed AMEM + hPL by 58.3% and a commercially available xeno-free formulation (XF-X) by 178.9%

Tri-lineage differentiation post-bioreactor expansion in Stemline® XF MSC medium. Cells maintained the ability to differentiate into osteoblasts, chondroblasts, and adipocytes. Scale bar shown in image

Available soon as a catalog product, Stemline® XF MSC Medium is formulated as a liquid basal medium and frozen supplement cocktail for ease of use. We will also offer custom packaging solutions tailored to fit your precise requirements for commercial scale cell therapy manufacturing. Keep up-to-date at

Working with hematopoietic or neural stem cells? Explore our media products at

Process development services

Process development services

You have the need for rapid progress and a vision for making a difference in the lives of patients. With our cell therapy process development services, you have a trusted partner to drive to that goal.

  • Accelerate successful research into scalable industrialized processes
  • cGMP-compatible
  • Increased patient access through cost-effective, robust manufacturing
  • Remove subjectivity and operator error through closed and automated processes
  • Through our technical and knowledge transfer, we prepare you (or your CMO) to hit the ground running


Additional products and services

Expansion vessels

Non-animal origin supplements

Emprove® Expert Pharma-grade DMSO

BioReliance Testing services


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