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Pathogen and Spoilage Detection Solutions

In sensitive industries like food and beverage production, detecting pathogens or, spoilage microorganisms can become a matter of urgency – to ensure consumer safety, avoid damage to your brands and minimize the associated costs. As an expert in these fields, Merck offers dependable, high-quality packages for all your food testing requirements. Benefit from our smart and convenient solutions to optimize your processes.

Our range of traditional and rapid detection solutions for pathogens cover both long-known disease agents and new ones such as E. coli O157, and we are constantly updating our portfolio as the need arises.

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Merck’s spoilage detection solutions cover typical contaminants of beverages such as beer, wine and fruit juices.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
C165264 TSA with LTHThio cont.-ICR+ - (TSA with LTHThio cont.-ICR+)
C143542 MAS-100 CG Ex® - (MAS-100 CG Ex®)
C143563 MAS-100 NT® and MAS-100 NT Ex® - (MAS-100 NT® and MAS-100 NT Ex®)
C150640 RCS® Standard - (RCS® Standard)
C150448 MAS-100 Eco® - (MAS-100 Eco®)
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