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Reference MaterialsIn instrumental analysis, reference materials are essential for monitoring the accuracy and precision of analytical measurements, especially in terms of instrumental qualification and calibration.

Merck offers a range of first-class reference materials for analytical methods under the trade name Certipur®, all of which are traceable to international standards. Furthermore, Merck has accredited calibration laboratories that certify elemental standards, pH buffers and conductivity standards. Merck complies with ISO 17025 general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. And Merck is accredited as a certified reference material producer according to ISO Guide 34 for our conductivity and ICP single element standards.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
199003 Buffer solution - (Buffer solution)
170327 Lanthanum ICP standard - (Lanthanum ICP standard)
101254 Potassium chloride solution (nominal 12.8 mS/cm) - (Potassium chloride solution (nominal 12.8 mS/cm))
170344 Rhenium ICP standard - (Rhenium ICP standard)
110982 Lanthanum(III) oxide - (Lanthanum(III) oxide)
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