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      OverviewThe pETBlue™-2 vector is designed to identify recombinants by traditional blue/white screening while also allowing T7lac promoter based expression of target genes. Screening is independent of expression because the T7lac expression promoter is in an opposed orientation relative to the E. coli promoter that mediates blue/white screening. pETBlue-2 defines the open reading frame and inserts must be cloned in-frame if expression is desired. The vector features an expanded multiple cloning site (MCS) and optional C-terminal HSV•Tag® and His•Tag® sequences. The sequence is numbered from the first base of the T7 promoter sequence.

      This product is sold for internal research use only. Any commercial use of this product, its components, and/or any derivatives thereof (including but not limited to proteins produced using the product or its components) (together and hereinafter the 'EMD Product') requires signature of a written commercial use agreement with EMD Millipore Corporation or its successor-in-interest. Commercial use shall include but not be limited to: (1) use of the EMD Product to manufacture products for sale to third parties; (2) use of the EMD Product to provide services, information, or data to third parties in exchange for consideration; (3) use of the EMD Product for therapeutic, diagnostic or prophylactic purposes (including as part of a device, chip, assay or other product); or (4) resale of the EMD Product, whether or not such EMD Product is resold for research use. Nothing contained herein shall be deemed to represent or warrant that additional third party rights are not required for use of the EMD Product. Please direct any questions on these use restrictions to: licensing@milliporesigma.com.
      Catalogue Number70609
      Brand Family Novagen®
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      pETBlue™-2 DNA (uncut) - Novagen SDS


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