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Hematology: Rapid Reliability


We offer a complete range of staining kits and solutions for hematological differentiation and diagnostics in microscopy. Our hematology products are all IVDs, CE certified and ready-to-use. Thanks to their high quality, long shelf life and batch-to-batch consistency, you benefit from accurate and reproducible results. These features ensure that you enjoy exceptionally brilliant images and long-term color stability to facilitate your hematology investigations.

Features and Benefits

  • Complete range of standard solutions and rapid staining kits 
  • Cytochemical method support
  • Ready-to-use products
  • IVD registered and CE certified 
  • Brilliant images and contrasts
  • Stable results with pH-buffered solutions


Product Range

  • Standard staining solutions: Pappenheim, Giemsa, Wright or Leishmann
  • Rapid staining: Kits for quick diagnosis
  • Cytochemical methods: Enzymatic-hematological kits for the differential diagnosis of leukemia

All Hematology Products

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Stains of blood and bone marrow

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