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Merck Launches First Commercial Screening Service to Predict Multiple Sources of DNA Damage

Merck has introduced CAN MultiFlow™ screening services to more accurately predict genotoxic and mode of action* properties of substances, ingredients and drug compounds

Merck Opens Production Facility Exclusively for Meglumine in Spain

Merck today announced the opening of a facility in Mollet des Vallès, Spain dedicated to the manufacture of meglumine, an FDA-approved excipient for pharmaceuticals and a component of medical imaging contrast media.

20170117 ,
Merck to Provide Provantage® End-to-End Services to Acticor Biotech SAS

Merck today announced that it will provide its Provantage® End-to-End services to Acticor Biotech SAS for accelerated development and manufacturing of Acticor’s antibody fragment used for the primary treatment of ischemic stroke.

20161205 ,
Merck Launches Parteck® MXP Excipient for Increased Solubility

Merck today introduced Parteck® MXP, a polyvinyl alcohol-based excipient that enhances solubility of a wide range of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) with poor bioavailability.

20161202 ,
Merck Unveils New State-of-the-Art M Lab™ Collaboration Center in Korea

Merck today announced the opening of an M Lab™ Collaboration Center in the Songdo district of Incheon, Korea, one of the fastest growing biotech hubs in Asia.

20161006 ,
Merck’s Udit Batra Receives ‘CEO of the Year’ Award from CPhI Pharma

Merck today announced that the CEO of its life science business, Udit Batra, was named “CEO of the Year” for 2016 by CPhI Pharma for his commitment to furthering life science innovation globally.

20161005 ,
Merck Launches Viresolve® Pro Shield H for More Robust, Economical Parvovirus Removal

Merck is launching the Viresolve® Pro Shield H for removal of parvoviruses from therapeutic protein feed streams.

20160926 ,
Merck Launches New Gene Editing Technology to Engineer Virus Resistant CHO Cell Lines

Merck today launched a first-of-its-kind gene editing technology to modify CHO cell lines to be resistant to minute virus of mice (MVM), a common contamination threat that remains despite the shift to chemically defined, animal component-free manufacturing processes.

20160908 ,
Merck to Provide Provantage® End-to-End Development and Manufacturing Services to Y-mAbs for Lead Antibody Compound

Merck will provide its Provantage® End-to-End development and manufacturing services to Y-mAbs Therapeutics, Inc. in support of Y-mAbs’ monoclonal antibody in late stage clinical development.

20160801 ,
Merck Relaunches Customer Collaboration Centers with New Concept and M Lab™ Name

Merck is relaunching its global network of customer collaboration centers, providing customers a shared, exploratory environment with scientists and engineers working to solve their toughest biomanufacturing challenges and helping accelerate development of new therapies.

20160718 ,
Merck Expands Excipients Portfolio, Adding Polymers for Sustained Release Injectables

Merck has entered into an agreement with PCAS S.A. (Longjumeau, France) to expand Merck’s excipients portfolio.

20160712 ,
Merck Expands Industry-Leading Emprove® Program to Include Filtration and Single-Use Products

Merck has expanded its industry-leading Emprove® risk assessment program to include a selection of products for filtration and single-use processing.

20160628 ,
Merck to Develop Next-Generation Purification Processes with International Vaccine Institute

Merck has entered a research agreement with the International Vaccine Institute (IVI) of Seoul, South Korea to help develop more robust, scalable vaccine manufacturing processes.

20160628 ,
Merck Announces Survey Results Exploring Biopharma Industry’s Evolving Risk Model

Merck today announced survey results of 250 global biopharmaceutical executives on how their companies will manage new risks associated with the changing biopharma landscape.

20160607 ,
Merck Expands Production Know-how to Deliver Full End-To-End Solution for Biopharma Industry

Merck today announced the expansion of its state-of-the art single use current good manufacturing process (cGMP) facility with the addition of the Mobius® 2000L single-use bioreactor.

20160502 ,
Merck Builds on Leading Viral and Gene Therapy Service Offering with Capacity Expansion

Merck today announced an expansion of its Carlsbad, California facility to meet growing demand for viral and gene therapy products.

20160504 ,
New Merck Products Bring Ease of Use to Single-Use

Merck is launching three Mobius® products that deliver improved efficiency and ease-of-use for biopharmaceutical manufacturing workflows.

20160427 ,
Merck Introduces First Multi-use Disposable Sterile Connectors for Biopharma at INTERPHEX 2016

Merck today announced the launch of its first-in-class Lynx® CDR connectors to improve fluid management in the biopharma industry.

20160426 ,
Merck Introduces Parteck® SRP 80 Excipient for Sustained-Release Oral Solid Dose Formulations

Merck today introduced Parteck® SRP 80, a new functional excipient for oral sustained-release formulations.

20151026 ,
Merck to Provide Provantage® End-to-End Solution for Development and Manufacture of Biosimilars under Strategic Alliance with Turgut Ilaç

Merck today announced the Company has entered into a strategic alliance with Turgut Ilaç, a leading biosimilars company based in Turkey and will provide their Provantage® End-to-End services for development and manufacturing of biologics.

20151022 ,
Merck Introduces Millipore Express® PHF Hydrophilic Sterilizing-Grade Filters for Fast, Efficient and Economical Buffer Filtration

Merck today introduced Millipore Express® PHF (process protection, high-flux) hydrophilic filters for fast, efficient and economical buffer filtration.

20151021 ,
Merck Publishes White Paper Highlighting Importance of Emerging Biotech Companies for Discovery of New Drugs During Recent Emerging Biotech Executive Summit

Merck today announced that it has published an original white paper, recognizing the impact the emerging biotech community has on the future of healthcare.

20150928 ,,,,,,,
Merck Introduces Enhancements to its Emprove® Program of Pharmaceutical Raw Materials to Facilitate Risk Assessment

Merck today introduced enhancements to its industry-leading Emprove® portfolio of pharmaceutical raw materials.

20150914 ,
Merck Adds Protein Pegylation to Portfolio of Services for Biopharmaceutical Industry through Collaboration with celares GmbH

Merck today announced a collaboration with celares GmbH to provide pegylation services to customers developing protein-based therapeutics and biosimilars.

20150727 ,
Merck Introduces the Mobius® 2000 Liter Single-Use Bioreactor with Industry-leading Design for Ease-of-Use

Merck today introduced the Mobius® 2000 liter single-use bioreactor. The 2000 liter bioreactor joins the Mobius® stirred tank bioreactor portfolio (from 3 to 2000 liters) that provides the ultimate in flexibility, scalability, and convenience.

20150615 ,
Merck Expands Provantage® Biodevelopment Services with Addition of Provantage® Clone Generation Service

Merck today announced expansion of its Provantage® Biodevelopment Services to include a Clone Generation Service.

20150615 ,
Merck Introduces Compaction Technology to Improve Solubility and Facilitate Handling of Cell Culture Media Used in Biopharmaceutical Production

Merck today introduced a new technology that compacts dry powder cell culture media into granules, accelerating solubility and improving flowability and handling.

20150602 ,
Merck Launches Cellvento™ CHO Cell Culture Media Platform for Optimized Cell Growth and Productivity

Merck today announced the launch of its Cellvento™ CHO platform of cell culture media and companion feed formulations for batch, fed-batch and perfusion applications.

20150601 ,
Merck Introduces Single-Pass Tangential Flow Filtration with Pellicon® Cassettes for Increased Capacity, Recovery and Concentration

Merck today introduced single-pass tangential flow filtration (TFF) with Pellicon® cassettes, an enhanced application of Merck’s existing TFF technology that allows concentration of process streams without the recirculation required in traditional TFF.

20150521 ,
Merck Announces Agreement with Precision Biologics, Inc. to Provide Upstream Process Development Services

Merck today announced an agreement for providing upstream process development services for Precision Biologics, Inc., a Texas-based clinical-stage biotechnology company, to advance a preclinical monoclonal antibody.

20150202 ,
Merck Introduces PureFlex™ Plus Single-Use Process Container Film for High-Volume Biopharmaceutical Applications

Merck has expanded its single-use film offerings with the introduction of PureFlex™ Plus film, a robust, durable film used in the construction of Mobius® single-use process containers for biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

20141021 ,
Merck Recognized for Technologically Advanced Products by R&D Magazine

Merck announced it has received two R&D Magazine 100 Awards for innovative products released to market in 2013.

20140915 ,,
Merck Announces Strategic Alliance on Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing with Samsung BioLogics

Merck announced today that Merck and Samsung BioLogics signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) for a strategic alliance on the biopharmaceutical business.

20140820 ,
Merck Millipore Expands Provantage® Upstream Bioproduction Services to the North American Market

Merck Millipore today announces the expansion of its upstream services into North America as part of its Provantage® Biodevelopment and Clinical Supply offering.

20140505 ,
Merck Millipore Introduces DRYPOUR™ Packaging System to Minimize Caking of Pharmaceutical Raw Materials

The DRYPOUR™ packaging system minimizes caking of hygroscopic salts used in pharmaceutical manufacturing during transport and storage.

20140204 ,
Merck Millipore Expands its EMPROVE® Raw Materials Portfolio to 400 Products

The portfolio includes EMPROVE® api for active pharmaceutical ingredients, EMPROVE® exp for excipients and EMPROVE® bio for biopharmaceutical materials.

20140129 ,
Merck Millipore Demonstrates Successful Scale-up of Human Stem Cells on Microcarriers in the Mobius® CellReady 3 L Single-use Bioreactor

This new application facilitates large-scale production at up to one-third the cost per dose compared to cells grown in flat culture stacks.

20120604 ,
Merck Millipore Announces Exclusive Agreement with Julphar Diabetes to Offer Non-animal Origin, Recombinant Human Insulin as Cell Culture Media Supplement

CellPrime Insulin stimulates the proliferation of cells and aids in carbohydrate metabolism, helping to ensure the long-term viability of various cell lines.

Patent Litigation Settlement and License between Merck Millipore and W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

Merck Millipore announced the settlement of patent infringement disputes between Merck Millipore and W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc. in the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts.

20130502 ,
Merck Millipore Launches Eshmuno® CPX, a Strong Cation Exchanger Optimized for High Resolution and High Productivity

Built on Merck Millipore’s proven Eshmuno resin technology, the new media offers high aggregate removal efficiency and high dynamic binding capacity, supporting highly productive downstream bioprocessing.

Vincent Donovan to Lead BioPharmaceutical Process Solutions at Merck Millipore

Donovan joined Millipore Corporation in 1988 and has held numerous sales leadership roles including Senior Director, North American Field Operations, and Director of Sales.

Merck Millipore Introduces Novel Clarisolve Depth Filters

Novel Clarisolve Depth Filters Deliver Unmatched Speed and Efficiency for Single-Stage Clarification of Pretreated Feed Streams

20130917 ,
Merck Millipore Partners with Charles River Laboratories for Improved Viral Clearance Studies

Merck Millipore and Charles River will collaborate to integrate the TrueSpike technology into viral clearance services provided by Charles River.

20120227 ,
Merck Millipore and the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine Collaborate to Optimize Conditions for Large-scale Stem Cell Cultivation

This joint project will focus on the development of a proprietary monitoring and control methodology, enabling robust growth of adherent human pluripotent stem cells.

20120312 ,
Merck Millipore Introduces Cellvento CHO-100, a Chemically-defined, Non-animal Origin Media for Superior Cell Growth and Productivity

The new media formulation was designed for the long-term growth of Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells to express antibodies or protein products.

Merck Millipore Launches Cellvento™ CHO-200 Chemically Defined Cell Culture Medium for Consistent High Performance in Fed-Batch Mode

Cellvento™ CHO-200 medium and its corresponding feeds do not contain hydrolysates or components of unknown composition, resulting in very good lot-to-lot consistency.

Merck Millipore Introduces CellPrime Recombinant Human Lysozyme for Increased Protein Recovery From E. coli Production Systems

The increased efficiency offered by CellPrime recombinant human lysozyme, combined with high activity levels, results in a reduction of overall production costs.

Andrew Bulpin to Assume Leadership of Process Solutions at Merck Millipore

He will assume leadership effective May 14, 2012 and be based at the company’s U.S. headquarters in Massachusetts.

20130501 ,
Merck Millipore and the Institute of Bioprocess Engineering and Pharmaceutical Technology to Develop Optimized Process Control and Harvesting of Stem Cells Grown from Bioreactors

This project will focus on the development required to ensure removal of microcarriers and any particulates from stem cell products grown in the Mobius® CellReady disposable bioreactor.

20120919 ,
Merck Millipore Offers a Comprehensive and Growing Portfolio of Products and Technologies for Bioavailability Enhancement

This includes products for all types of dosage forms that address solubility, PK/PD modification, which must be taken into account for optimized bioavailability in the final drug.

20121009 ,
Merck Millipore and Sistemic Collaborate to Identify Control Markers for Stem Cell Production

The two companies are jointly developing a methodology utilizing Sistemic’s microRNA marker detection capability to enable consistent growth of stem cells.

20121101 ,,
Merck Millipore Launches PureGenome Kits and Reagents for Fast and Efficient Preparation of Next Generation Sequencing Libraries

PureGenome library preparation is a simple, two-step process followed by amplification using Merck Millipore’s ultra-high fidelity KOD Hot Start DNA Polymerase Mastermix.

20120814 ,
Merck Millipore Launches Provantage® Solutions at BIO 2012

Provantage Solutions provide greater control and increased flexibility for both small and large molecule development and manufacturing processes.

20120620 ,
Merck Millipore and PharmaCell to Develop Optimized Large-Scale Expansion and Harvesting of HepaRG® Cells Grown from Bioreactors

The companies will work together to produce protocols and methods for efficient expansion, harvest and use of HepaRG® cells in support of the BALANCE project.

Third Annual “Merck Millipore Pharma Forum” to Address Latest Developments in Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Industry

Presentations and discussions will explore the recent launch of the new excipients certification program EXCiPACT.

20120410 ,
Merck Millipore Introduces Parteck® SLC, Silica-based Excipient for Enhanced Drug Solubility and Bioavailability

Featuring a unique pore structure, Parteck SLC for drug delivery enables loading of oral dosage forms with amorphously distributed API to the highest levels.

20131022 ,
Merck Millipore Extends its Innovative NovaSeptum® Sterile Sampling Offerings

This novel design protects product integrity and prevents product loss during sample collection, transport and especially during long term storage where stress release can induce leakage.

20120808 ,
Merck Millipore Opens New R&D Center, Expanding Capabilities in Bioavailability Enhancement and Oral Dosage Formulation

The center will accelerate growth of the company’s portfolio of innovative technologies and products that overcome bioavailability and formulation challenges

20130712 ,
Merck Millipore Announces the Opening of its State-of-the-Art GMP Bioproduction Facility in Martillac, France

The site will serve users of Merck Millipore’s Provantage Biodevelopment and Clinical Supply Solutions option that incorporates the latest technologies for upstream and downstream processes.

20120920 ,
Merck Millipore Launches Mobius® FlexReady Solution with Smart Flexware® Assemblies for Tangential Flow Filtration

Unlike traditional single-use processing systems, this modular system is quick and easy to set up, providing the ability to switch from TFF to Chromatography.

20130107 ,
Merck Millipore Launches Mobius® FlexReady Solution with Smart Flexware® Assemblies for Chromatography

The Mobius FlexReady Solution with Smart Flexware Assemblies for Chromatography is a fully-automated system designed to achieve optimum performance.

20120806 ,
Merck Millipore Launches Mobius® CellReady 50 L Single-use Stirred Tank Bioreactor

This new single-use bioreactor allows biopharmaceutical manufacturers to implement robust, single-use technologies that bring their drugs to market faster, with less risk.

20120315 ,
Merck Millipore Adds Millistak® µPod Filter to Line of Disposable Depth Filter Systems

With the Millistak+ µPod filter, users can easily connect multiple devices in parallel or series to rapidly screen combinations of media.

20120212 ,
Merck Millipore Introduces the First Online Original Manufacturer Tracking Tool

The electronic Original Manufacturer Tracking (eOMT) saves users valuable time in research and enables compliance with regulatory requirements.

20131022 ,
Merck Millipore and VeriStem Technologies to Develop Purification Methods for Large-scale Stem Cell Production

Large-scale production of stem cells is necessary to enable their advancement into human clinical trials and to effectively deliver the quantities required.

20120918 ,,
Merck Millipore Announces Exclusive Supply and Marketing Agreement With Ventria Bioscience to Expand its CellPrime Line of Non-animal Origin Products

This product, which utilizes Ventria’s ExpressTec biomanufacturing technology, will be exclusively marketed and distributed by Merck Millipore to its customers on a global basis.

20120321 ,
Merck Millipore Hosts Two Chromatography User Group Meetings

User Group Meetings attract global biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industry professionals, including those in chromatography R&D, process development, production management and engineering.

20121113 ,
Merck Millipore’s Process Solutions Business Unit Announces Updated 2013 Pricing For Pharm Chemical Solutions and Biopharm Process Solutions Products

The price adjustments are being driven by recent and anticipated cost increases, macroeconomic trends and inflation among other considerations.

20121018 ,
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