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Everything You Need to Know

Discover the world of Merck’s Inorganic Reagents! In our detailed brochures, you find in-depth information on all our products, applications and related topics.

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Empower your Lab
Inorganics & Solvents for classical analysis

Discover how our world-class Inorganics and Solvents can empower your work.
Learn more about:
  • Compliance and Documentation
  • Specification and Purity
  • Safety and Packaging

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Just in case – Acids in Safebreak bottles

Find out how you can enhance safety while working with hazardous acids

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Better safe!
Get your hands on the handiest bottle for acids, bases and solvents

Find out more about the handiest bottle for acids, bases and solvents

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Quality Assurance to Empower your Lab
Classical Inorganic Reagents and Solvents

Find out how you can benefit from:
  • Proven quality
  • Sophisticated QC processes
  • Reliable results

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Inorganic Reagents Catalog
Perfection in every dimension

Merck’s Inorganic Reagents catalog offers you:
  • our complete Inorganic Reagents portfolio on over 350 pages 
  • valuable information on reagents for classical and instrumental inorganic analysis, products for general applications, quality management, packaging, safety and environment, service, and much more ...

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Safety Products and Essentials

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Inorganics on tap
Maximum safety in daily work with acids & bases

Discover innovative withdrawal concepts for acids & bases and learn more about
  • Safe handling
  • Technical data
  • Product suitability: packaging - withdrawal system

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Chemizorb® – Absorbents for spilled liquids

Find out how you can benefit from:
  • quick and easy removal of spilled liquids
  • safe handling
  • environmentally friendly disposal.

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Extran® detergents
The reliable solution for cleaning your laboratory utensils

Find out how you can benefit from:
  • reliable, residue-free cleaning
  • the ideal lab cleaner: Extran® is free from scents and dyes, does not contain chlorine and other toxic ingredients
  • biodegradability of active ingredients

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Drying agents

Find out how you can benefit from:
  • our comprehensive product range
  • reliable protection of your valuable goods against moisture
  • individual packaging enabling economic use

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Uranine fluorescent dye
The perfect dye-tracing solution

Find out how you can benefit from:
  • economy of use
  • highest comfort
  • easy solubility, low toxicity

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Instrumental Inorganic Analysis

Merck:/Freestyle/LE-Lab-Essentials/Inorganic Reagents/Catalog & Brochures/MERC18062018-150x200-trtripur-guide-merck.png

Titripur® – Titration guide

Valuable information on:
  • titration, titer determination, and quality assurance
  • standardization of standard solutions
  • traceability
  • preparation procedures
  • and much more ...

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Titripur® – The measure of all things
Volumetric solutions from Merck

Find out how you can benefit from:
  • a certified and consistently high level of quality
  • innovative and optimized packaging systems
  • reliable and precise analyses.

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Certipur® reference materials
Not all reference materials are the same ...

Find out how you can benefit from:
  • outstanding, application-oriented quality
  • accreditation according to international standards
  • a stringent quality management system
  • always reliable and reproducible results.

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Certipur® – Periodic table of the elements

The popular reference tool – enhanced by Merck:
  • Periodic table of elements
  • Certipur® ICP standards
  • useful additional information.

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Inorganic reagents

Inorganic Reagents
Reliable quality.
Accurate results.

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