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Amicon® Ultra 0.5 mL Centrifugal Filters

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Amicon® Ultra 0.5mL Filters for Protein Purification and Concentration.

Amicon® Ultra 0.5mL Filters for Protein Purification and Concentration

Amicon® Ultra-0.5 centrifugal filter devices provide fast ultrafiltration, with the capability for high concentration factors and easy concentrate recovery from dilute and complex sample matrices.

The vertical design and available membrane surface area provide fast sample processing, high sample recovery (typically greater than 90% of dilute starting solution), and the capability for 30-fold concentration. Solute polarization and subsequent fouling of the membrane are minimized by the vertical design, and a physical deadstop in the filter device prevents spinning to dryness and potential sample loss. Efficient recovery of the concentrated sample (retained species) is achieved by a convenient reverse spin step after collecting the filtrate.

Amicon® Ultra-0.5 devices are supplied non-sterile and are for single use only. With their vertical membrane design and reverse spin, Amicon® Ultra 0.5 mL filters deliver great performance and lower spin times

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Centrifuge and Rotor Recommendations


  • Concentrates 500 µL down to 15 µL
  • Concentration factor 25x to 30x
  • High sample recovery (greater than 90% of dilute starting solution)
  • Fast processing time: 10 to 30 minutes
  • Reverse spin capability provides consistent recoveries
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Amicon® 0.5mL Filter for DNA Purification and Concentration

Performance – DNA Concentration
The Amicon® Ultra 0.5 device provides the best balance between recovery and spin time for double stranded DNA base pairs form 137 to 1150. To achieve maximum PCR product recovery and primer removal with primers greater than 20 bases, one or two additional spins with Tris EDTA (TE) buffer are recommended.

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  • Concentration of biological samples containing antigens, antibodies, enzymes, nucleic acids, or microorganisms
  • Purification of macromolecular components found in tissue culture extracts or cell lysates, primer removal, linkers, or macromelecular labels from a reaction mix, and protein removal prior to HPLC
  • Desalting, buffer exchange, and protein dialysis
Amicon® Ultra 0.5mL filter concentration protocol.Typical Concentrate Volume/Concentration Factor vs. Spin Time Spin Conditions: 40º fixed angle rotor, 14,000 x g, room temperature, 500 µL starting volume. Protein markers used: Cytochrome c for 3K and 10K, BSA for 30K and 50K, and IgG for 100K, n=12. Shaded volumes were used for the calculation of protein recovery in the Typical Concentrate Recovery table.

Typical Concentrate Recovery Spin Conditions: 40º fixed angle rotor, 14,000 x g, room temperature, 500 µL starting volume, n=12.