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General Bacteriological Staining Solutions for Various Methods

In bacteriology, specimens from various sources, such as clinical material, waste water or food samples, are analyzed to determine the presence and characteristics of bacteria or parasites. Each requires a different staining technique in preparation for microscopy. Gram, trichomonad, Ziehl-Neelsen, fluorescence, Löffler and Giemsa are some of the most common and valuable staining methods. 

We offer high-quality stains and auxiliaries for all of these staining techniques for clinical diagnostic applications. Our extensive bacteriology portfolio includes ready-to-use staining kits and solutions that guarantee reliable and brilliant results. The products are characterized by high quality as well as high capacity. Thanks to their long shelf lives and wide choice of package sizes, they also ensure economical use. All of our staining solutions are IVD products and CE certified. Hence, they are perfectly suited to clinical diagnostics and support laboratory accreditations and audits.

Lactophenol Blue Solution

Lactophenol Blue Solution Lactophenol blue solution is a ready-to-use stain for the detection of fungi in samples of human origin. It allows easy, one-step staining of air-dried, heat-fixed smears of bacteriologic material, such as sputum, FNAB, lavages, imprints, body fluids, puss and exudates, in liquid or solid cultures. Fungi appear dark blue.

Loeffler’s Methylene Blue Solution

Löffler’s Methylene Blue SolutionLoeffler’s methylene blue solution is used in bacteriological counterstaining for the differentiation of microorganisms such as gonococcae gonococci or lactic acid bacteria, and for the visualization of pole corpuscles of pasteurella. Löffler’s methylene blue is also used in combination with Ziehl-Neelsen carbol fuchsin solution and hydrochloric acid in ethanol to stain mycobacteria.

General bacteriological staining solutions

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Staining solutions such as Giemsa’s azur eosin methylene blue solution or the Lactophenol blue solution can be used for the detection of e.g. Spirochaetes, fungi and other bacteria

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