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High-purity solvents for your production and purification processes

Solvents play an important role in organic synthesis. Merck offers a wide range of high-purity solvents suitable for production and purification purposes in the pharmaceutical, chemical and technical industries. Our solvents are available in bulk quantities in the same top quality you know from our lab-scale quantities, and provided in customized packaging solutions according to your individual production needs.

HCompany}’s solvent portfolio for production and purification comprises, among others, our cost-efficient EMPLURA® grade solvents for standard production processes, high-purity Prepsolv® solvents for preparative chromatography, as well as solvents for DNA/RNA synthesis.

EMPLURA® is Merck’s low-cost alternative to high-purity qualities. EMPLURA® grade solvents are tested for standard production processes, e.g. cleaning purposes, and offer adequate specs with the most important parameters.

Merck’s Prepsolv® range of solvents is tailored to the requirements of preparative HPLC, featuring high purity, extremely low levels of evaporation residue, and low water contents. For large-scale production, they are supplied in returnable stainless steel barrels or containers optimized for safe, continuous, and accurate solvent delivery.

Moreover, Merck offers a growing range of specialized solvents for DNA/RNA synthesis. They, too, are available in a wide variety of packaging types including customized solutions for direct connection to your equipment.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
101769 Petroleum ether
108323 Toluene
822251 Acetone
818700 n-Amyl acetate
822324 1,2-Propanediol
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