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External Quality Control: Spectroquant® Round Robin Test Solutions

Special Service from Merck

Internal Quality Control (IQC) is essential – but not enough. To establish the validity and accuracy of their photometric methods and analyses, laboratories also need External Quality Assurance (EQA), confirmed by an impartial institute. Merck makes the job easier and your results safer by offering you a complete EQA service.

Our Program Provides:
  • a range of solutions for the tests themselves
  • plus an independent institute for the evaluation and certification of your results

To demonstrate the competence of your photometric methods, you are required to test a sample with an unknown content of a certain parameter. Our Spectroquant® Round Robin test solutions are optimized for this purpose. These multi-parameter standard solutions have undisclosed values, and only provide information regarding the parameters included and the possible concentration range of the result. After you have completed the analysis, your results are evaluated by AQS Baden-Württemberg, Institute for Sanitary Engineering at Stuttgart University in Germany. They provide you a detailed feedback about the accuracy of your photometric methods, as well as a certificate stating whether results were within expectations. Merck uses this independent institute to secure the transparency and validity of your EQA.

Feature and Benefits
  • Easily available EQA
  • Complete package: test solutions, evaluation service and certificate
  • Results are evaluated by an independent external institute.

Spectroquant® Round Robin Test Solution Wastewater Inlet

Round Robin test solutions for External Quality Assurance

Simulated sample from the inlet of a wastewater plant before treatment with high concentrations of the typical wastewater parameters: COD, TOC, nitrate, ammonium, total nitrogen, phosphate and total phosphorus.

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Spectroquant® Round Robin Test Solution Wastewater Outlet

Simulated sample from the outlet of a wastewater plant after treatment with low concentrations of the typical wastewater parameters: COD, TOC, nitrate, ammonium, total nitrogen, phosphate. 

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