Extensive Specs and Broad International Acceptance

Merck’s EMSURE® acids for pharmacopoeia analysis comply with the relevant authoritative quality guidelines worldwide and are specified in accordance with ACS as well as Reag. Ph Eur standards. Quality control laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry thus benefit from the broad international acceptance of these reagents, the certainty of successful auditing, and resulting reductions in validation efforts and costs.

Premium Quality

Acids for analysis EMSURE® are our premium grade for all regulated and highly demanding lab applications. They are produced and tested according to the highest standards for purity and safety. Acids for analysis EMSURE® feature the best and most extensive product specifications available worldwide with a high number of parameters and extremely low limiting values. Each product for analysis comes with a comprehensive certificate of analysis. Reliable batch-to-batch consistency ensures maximum accuracy and reproducibility even for your most challenging analyses.

Optimum Packaging

Our acids for analysis EMSURE® are available a wide range of pack sizes and packaging options – from 25 ml glass bottles up to 200 l PE barrels. We also provide innovative packaging solutions designed to make your daily lab operations safer, e.g. our Safebreak bottle, a PE-coated glass bottle, or the SafetyCap for acids that generate excess pressure.

Complete Product Range for Pharmacopoeia Analysis

Merck offers several hundred reagents for pharmacopoeia analysis – from acids, salts, and caustic alkalis to indicators, standards and volumetric solutions through to solvents and special reagents. If you have special requests not covered by our standard products, we offer individual analysis or packaging solutions as well. Your advantage: You get everything from one trusted source, and you can be sure to work with high-quality reagents that meet all requirements of your demanding applications.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
101799 硝酸 69%
100253 ギ酸 89-91%
100244 クエン酸・一水和物
100519 過塩素酸 70-72%
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