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Contact Plates for Surface and
Active Air Monitoring

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Surface monitoring is a critical tool in the health and pharmaceutical industry where many measures are taken to keep production plants clean and minimize the risk of contamination. Also air monitoring has become increasingly important for all companies that manufacture in clean room areas with filtered air. To monitor the efficiency of the cleaning processes proven methods are required, such as easy-to-use contact plates. Merck’s wide range of contact plates can conveniently be used for surface monitoring and active air sampling in combination with the different microbial air samplers of the MAS-100® series.

The ICR/ICRplus brands of contact plates from Merck are triple-bagged and gamma-irradiated solutions to ensure the highest level of safety when monitoring air in isolators and critical clean rooms for microorganisms. The RT/RTplus contact plates for less critical clean rooms are single-bagged and non-irradiated.

Merck’s spectrum of ready-to-use contact plates for active microbial air monitoring in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries comprises:

heipha ICR/ICRplus Contact Plates

ICR/ICRplus Contact Plates

The ICR/ICRplus contact plates are gamma-irradiated and triple bagged for use in critical clean rooms and isolators

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heipha RT/RTplus Contact Plates

RT/RTplus Contact Plates

The RT/RTplus contact plates are non-irradiated and single-bagged for use in less critical clean rooms.

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