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Merck:/Freestyle/LE-Lab-Essentials/Microscopy/LE-Histology-120x95-07082013.jpgMerck offers a complete range of microscopy products for histological investigation. Our solutions include hematoxylin-eosin (H&E) overview staining, which is the standard technique used for human or animal tissue. In addition, we provide a variety of special stains, such as PAS, Giemsa, Trichrome and silver plating, for visualizing specific parts of tissue samples.

In contrast to dry dyes, our ready-to-use staining solutions and staining kits ensure greater convenience and efficiency. Thanks to their high quality and batch-to-batch consistency, these products not only save time and effort, but also deliver brilliant and stable staining results. All of our histology products are IVDs and produced according to the CE standard.

Features and Benefits

  • Complete range of staining kits and solutions for histology
  • Ready-to-use solutions save time and effort
  • High quality and batch-to-batch consistency
  • Brilliant stable staining, reproducible staining results
  • Shelf life up to 3 years at room temperature
  • CE-certified IVD-registered products

Product Range

Discover our Ready-To-Use Histology Products

All Histology Products

Catalog Number Catalog Name  
115974 エラスチカ・ワンギーソン染色キット
100199 ピクロフクシン液(ワンギーソン用)
105175 ギルヘマトキシリン II 染色液
100532 リンモリブデン酸 水和物
102414 ワルチン・スタリー法銀染色キット変法
100820 Gomori メテナミン銀染色キット
112084 ヘマトグノスト
100579 デーピーエックス(ニュー)
102439 0.5%エオシンYアルコール溶液
100425 ISOSLIDE® アルシアンブルー
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