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General cleaning applicationsIn addition to Extran® products for manual and automated washing, Merck offers a range of effective solutions for general cleaning applications. Whether you require a mild or strong cleaning agent, our high-quality products help you achieve reliable results, saving you valuable time and effort in your daily lab work.

Besides chromosulfuric acid for cleaning glass vessels, citric acid decalcification solution, and extra pure sodium hydroxide solution, our portfolio of general cleaning agents also includes extra pure chloramine T trihydrate, formaldehyde solution, Perhydrit® tablets, and sodium perborate tetrahydrate.

Chromosulfuric Acid for Cleaning Glass Vessels

Chromosulfuric acid is an excellent cleaning agent for tough cases, such as when working with carcinogenic substances. Carcinogenic residues can be oxidatively destroyed by treatment with chromosulfuric acid. The effect is based on the chromium (VI) oxide CrO3, a very strong oxidation agent. During the oxidation process, the red-brown chromium (VI) oxide is reduced to the green trivalent state of chromium. The depletion level can thus be assessed from the change in color without further testing: fresh chromosulfuric acid is red-brown, used is green in color.

Extreme care must be taken when working with chromosulfuric acid. This is due to its corrosive and highly oxidizing properties, as well as the possible formation of poisonous chromium (VI) vapor. Cleaning procedures should only be undertaken in a well-ventilated area, while wearing protective clothing, impermeable gloves and protective goggles. Instructions for safe use are printed on the label of every pack. Furthermore, chromium solutions must be treated as special waste and their disposal assigned to a company responsible for this. Neutralize any spilled acid with sodium hydrogen carbonate or lime sand. Never mop up with wadding, pulp, textiles or sawdust.

Decalcification Solution Base: Citric Acid, About 19%

The citric acid decalcification solution is recommended for cleaning applications in which particularly gentle conditions are required. It is especially suitable for the gentle removal of calcareous deposits, for example on taps or sensitive metal and glass surfaces. Made from pharmacopoeia raw materials, the decalcification solution meets the highest quality standards.

Sodium Hydroxide Solution, About 32% Extra Pure

Our extra pure sodium hydroxide solution is a basic cleaning agent for applications in which residues from surfactants or complexation agents are to be avoided. The use of this prepared solution eliminates the time-consuming and dangerous breakdown of solid sodium hydroxide.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
112576 ケミゾーブ™ Hg
102051 ケミゾーブ™ 粉末状
101591 ケミゾーブ™ HF
101568 ケミゾーブ™ 顆粒状
101596 ケミゾーブ™ OH⁻
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