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Mouse ES Cell Characterization

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Mouse Characterization - Fluorescent Mouse ES/iPS Cell Characterization Kit
Characterization kit for mouse ES cells.
Merck’s Fluorescent Mouse ES/iPS Cell Characterization Kit contains a range of sensitive tools for the phenotypic assessment of the pluripotent status of mouse ES/iPS cells. Included in the kit is an enzymatic assay to measure alkaline phosphatase activity in the cells along with validated directly conjugated antibodies to pluripotent transcription factors, Oct-4, Sox-2 and DPPA-2 and cell surface epitope SSEA-1 to enable rapid immunocytochemical marker analysis. The Dapi nuclear dye is conveniently included to aid in cell quantification. While the expression levels of pluripotent markers are expected to be diminished upon differentiation, each possesses specific expression kinetics.
Merck is the worldwide leader in providing stem cell specific antibodies for pluripotency and differentiation along with providing rapid enzymatic alkaline phosphatase phenotyping kits for pluripotency quantification. All of our antibodies are extensively validation and have numerous publication records associated with each product. Commonly used markers such as Oct-4, Nanog, Sox-2, Lin28, and SSEA1 are available in various formats including: Alexa 488 and Cy3 conjugated, flow validated, polyclonal and monoclonal antibody forms.

Alkaline Phosphatase Detection Kit

Merck’s alkaline phosphatase detection kit is a specific and sensitive tool for the phenotypic assessment of ES cell differentiation by the determination of AP activity. Endogeneous AP expression in undifferentiated ES cells can be readily detected by intense staining following the recommended staining procedure. Sufficient reagents are provided for 100 tests.

Kit Components: Fast Red Violet solution, Napthol AS-BI phosphate solution

Quantitative Alkaline Phosphatase ES Characterization Kit

This kit offers a specific, sensitive, and quantitative method for detecting alkaline phosphatase levels during ES cell differentiation. Under alkaline conditions (pH>10), alkaline phosphatase (AP) can catalyze the hydrolysis of p-nitrophenylphosphate (p-NPP) into phosphate and p-nitrophenol, a yellow colored by-product of the catalytic reaction.

The amount of p-nitrophenol produced is proportional to the amount of alkaline phosphatase present within the reaction. The amount of AP can thus be reliably quantified by reading the amount of p-nitrophenol generated after the catalytic reaction by measuring absorbance at 405 nm on a spectrophotometer.

Kit Components: p-NPP substrate concentrate (50X), p-NPP buffer, reaction stop solution, 1X wash solution, recombinant alkaline phosphatase standard.

ES Cell Marker Sample Kit

Embryonic Stem Cell Marker
ES Cell Marker Sample Kit contains monoclonal antibodies for the detection of the cell-surface Stage-Specific Embryonic Antigens (SSEA-1, SSEA-3 & SSEA-4), expression of TRA-1-60, TRA-1-81 antigens and Oct-4. This kit permits the phenotypic analysis of the differentiation status of ES cells by determining stem cell marker expression.