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New CellStream™ Flow Cytometer – For Unprecedented Sensitivity and Flexibility in Cell and Particle Analysis

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April 2018

Discover unparalleled fluorescence sensitivity and flexibility in a compact and affordable flow cytometry system. With patented Amnis® optics technology inside, the new CellStream™ flow cytometer uses a camera for detection to rapidly capture low-resolution cell images and transform these into high-throughput intensity data. The camera technology also enables a unique Event Gallery feature, for population verification and help with troubleshooting.

CellStream™ flow cytometers can be fully configured with 1 to 7 lasers and are easy to upgrade directly in the lab. This gives researchers the flexibility to customize and expand according to experimental needs and budget.

CellStream™ Flow Cytometry System Capabilities & Benefits:

  • Patented time delay integration (TDI) sensor and camera technology for high fluorescence sensitivity
  • Detection of small particles, including exosomes
  • 1 to 7 lasers provide up to 22 detection channels
  • 96-well plate auto-sampling is standard on all instruments for walk-away, high-throughput acquisition
  • Event gallery aids sample verification and troubleshooting
  • Aspect ratio for doublet discrimination
  • Rapid, on-site upgrades

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