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Finding What You Need

Merck strives to provide you expedient methods to retrieve information to support your professional and academic needs in the areas of life science and biopharmaceutical manufacturing.


Our site search, accessible on the top of every web page, provides results for products, services and associated documents. The search capability on this website is a "keyword" driven search similar to what you might use on Google. Enter a minimum of two characters, any combination of alphanumeric values. If you enter just a few characters within the search box, we will prompt you with suggestions to select from.

For search tips and a breakdown of our Search Results Page (SERP), see below.

Our Advanced Search capability allows you to enter a combination of word(s) and/or phrases to find product pages, documents or associated web pages on topics of your choice. You can also narrow your search to product catalog pages, documents, web content pages.
Please use our Structure Search to locate products by drawing a chemical structure or structure fragment. This will provide you with search results that match the your drawn chemical structure.

Find a list of topical Product Finders that have been customized to filter your criteria and provide you a targeted list of the product or service you require.
These interactive tools assist you in your daily lab work and in your decision making processes.

Targeted for your mobile operating systems (phone, tablet), these Apps provide you a rich visual exploration of some of our key offerings.
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Search Tips:

On the search results page you have various options to refine your search result. You can perform a search within the results of your previous search. You can select from the available filters on the left to narrow down the list of results to be more specific. You can also choose a specific category of results by clicking on the tabs across the page. You may also combine all of these options or when necessary remove filters at any time.

Search Results Page Guide