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PCYTMAG-23K | MILLIPLEX MAP Porcine Cytokine and Chemokine Magnetic Bead Panel - Immunology Multiplex Assay


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Analytes AvailableSpecies ReactivityKey ApplicationsDetection Methods
GM-CSF, IFNγ, IL-1α, IL-1β, IL-1ra, IL-2, IL-4, IL-6, IL-8, IL-10, IL-12, IL-18, TNF-α Po Mplex Luminex xMAP
Catalogue NumberPCYTMAG-23K
Trade Name
DescriptionMILLIPLEX MAP Porcine Cytokine and Chemokine Magnetic Bead Panel - Immunology Multiplex Assay
OverviewThe MILLIPLEX MAP Porcine Cytokine/Chemokine panel provides important tools for the study of inflammatory and immune response in porcine models. This panel enables you to focus on the therapeutic potential of the modulation of cytokine expression. Coupled with the Luminex® xMAP® platform in a magnetic bead format, you receive the advantage of ideal speed and sensitivity, allowing quantitative multiplex detection of multiple analytes simultaneously, which can dramatically improve productivity.
Background InformationA close homology to humans that includes similar heart size and flow rate, skin, liver enzymes and bone healing has given porcine models the ability to replace higher animals such as canine and non-human primates in many research areas such as cardiovascular, toxicology, pharmacology, aging and bone research. In addition the breeding of “minipigs” that retain the similar heart size and function as humans, but can age without growing too large for long term preclinical studies allows for multi-generational studies to be performed in a comparatively short period of time, significantly increasing the use of the porcine model in scientific research.
Product Information
Detection methodLuminex xMAP
ConfigurationDesign your multiplex kit by choosing available analytes within this panel.
Precision, %
  • Inter-assay: < 20
  • Intra-assay:< 10
Panel TypeMAGNETIC Cytokines/Chemokines
ApplicationSimultaneously analyze multiple cytokine and chemokine biomarkers with Bead-Based Multiplex Assays using the Luminex technology in porcine serum, plasma and cell culture samples.
Key Applications
  • Multiplexing
Application Notes• This is an overnight incubation assay (2 hours is not recommended) with a 2-hour incubation with detection antibodies requiring 25 µL of neat plasma or serum, or 25 μL cell culture supernatant per well.
• This kit may be used for the analysis of all or any combination of the Porcine Cytokine/Chemokine panel analytes in serum, plasma or tissue/cell lysate and culture supernatant.
• Extra centrifugation and attention may be needed for extremely lipid samples.
Biological Information
SpecificityCross-reactivity between the antibodies and any of the other analytes in this panel is non-detectable or negligible.
Species Reactivity
  • Pig
Analytes Available
  • GM-CSF
  • IFNγ
  • IL-1α
  • IL-1β
  • IL-1ra
  • IL-2
  • IL-4
  • IL-6
  • IL-8
  • IL-10
  • IL-12
  • IL-18
  • TNF-α
  • 92% - 103%
Physicochemical Information
  • Refer to kit protocol for sensitivities of individual biomarkers.
Standard Curve Range
  • GM-CSF, IL-1ra, IL-2, IL-6, IL-10, IL-12, IL-18 & TNFα: 0.024 - 100 ng/mL
  • IFNγ & IL-1β :0.122 - 500 ng/mL
  • IL-1α: 0.005 - 20 ng/mL
  • IL-4: 0.061 - 250 ng/mL
  • IL-8: 0.012 - 50 ng/mL
Materials Information
Toxicological Information
Safety Information according to GHS
Safety Information
Product Usage Statements
Usage Statement
  • Unless otherwise stated in our catalog or other company documentation accompanying the product(s), our products are intended for research use only and are not to be used for any other purpose, which includes but is not limited to, unauthorized commercial uses, in vitro diagnostic uses, ex vivo or in vivo therapeutic uses or any type of consumption or application to humans or animals.
Storage and Shipping Information
Storage ConditionsRecommended storage for kit components is 2 - 8°C.
Packaging Information
Material Size96-well plate
Transport Information
Supplemental Information



Protocol: Porcine Cytokine/Chemokine Magnetic Bead Panel



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