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Human Neural Stem Cell Media

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Featured Product:
Neural Stem Cell Media - N21 Medium Supplement
Merck’s N21 Media Supplement is a defined serum-free supplement that supports the survival and maturation of cultured primary neurons and exhibits low lot-to-lot variability. N21 can also be used to supplement other culture media hat normally require B27. These include media formulations for the feeder-free, serum-free culture of mES Cs, for the differentiation of mES Cs to neurons and for the propagation and differentiation of hES C-derived neural progenitor cells.

Complete Expansion Media

Each neural stem cell line in our portfolio is developed with specialized and optimized serum free neural expansion media to guarantee proper cell proliferation and expansion rates.

Neural Media Supplements

N21 Medium Supplement

An improved version of the widely used B27 media supplement. Optimized serum-free supplement developed for the isolation and expansion of neurons from mouse and rat hippocampus, mouse ES cells and human ES cell derived neural progenitor cells.

NDiff™ Neuro-2 Medium Supplement

NDiff™ Neuro-2 Medium Supplement is a serum-free, N2-like supplement for the in vitro differentiation of both human and murine embryonic stem (ES) cells into post-mitotic neurons along for the derivation, propagation and maintenance of mouse and human neural stem cells.

NDiff™ Neuro-27 Medium Supplement

NDiff™ Neuro-27 Medium Supplement is a serum-free supplement containing antioxidants and other factors that has been specifically developed for the in vitro propagation and maintenance of undifferentiated murine embryonic stem (ES) cells in serum free medium (Nichols J, 2006). Formulation is similar to the widely used B27 media supplement.
Featured Product:
Differentiation Media - Human ES/iPS Neural Induction Medium
Merck’s Human ES/iPS Neurogenesis Kit is a robust and user-friendly kit that contains the necessary media and reagents for the rapid production of expandable neural progenitor cells and terminally differentiated neurons from pluripotent human ES and iPS cells. The media contained in this kit rely on both small molecules neural inducers and supplements to generate a highly enriched population of expandable neural progenitors and end stage neurons based on establish protocols.

Neural Freezing Media

Reliably freeze your valuable neural stem cell cultures with our validated neural freezing media.

Differentiation Media

Human ES/iPS Neural Induction Medium

Derive expandable neural progenitors in 7 days via monolayer differentiation using our Human ES/iPS Neural Induction media. Media contains neural inducing supplements as well as 3 small molecule neural inducers based on Chamber’s Dual SMAD inhibition protocol.

Human ES/iPS Neuronal Differentiation Medium

Differentiate neural progenitors into >80% positive Tuj-1 positive neuronal cells in 7-10days. Media contains neural inducing supplements as well as 2 small molecule neural inducers.

Human ES/iPS Neurogenesis Kit

A complete kit which contains both our human ES/iPS neural induction and Differentiation media along with ENStem-A expansion media for a complete workflow solution to study human neurogeneisis.

Other Neural Differentiation Medium

All of our proprietary neural stem cell lines (ReNcell, ENStemA, iPSC) have optimized differentiation medium to produce neurons, astrocytes and glial cells.