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Neurons and Glia

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Neuronal Nuclei Marker: Anti-NeuN antibodies

Immunolocalization of NeuN using Mouse Anti-NeuN (Catalog No. MAB377, red) and BrdU (green) in the neurogenic regions of the mouse brain (dentate gyrus and subventricular zone). Photo courtesy of J.G. Emsley and T Hagg.
The differentiated nervous system is composed of an estimated 100 billion neurons and at least that many glial support cells. The diversity of neuronal and glial structure and function and the lack of distinguishing features often confound classification of newly differentiated cells in primary or slice cultures. Neurons are structurally complex with large somas, highly branched dendritic arbors, and axonal projections that often extend great distances from the cell body.

Electrical and chemical signals are transmitted from one neuron to another at junctions known as synapses. The structure of the neural synapse is composed of hundreds of proteins working together to coordinate the finely tuned signals required for a correctly-functioning nervous system.

From the structural proteins and useful neural and glial markers to signaling proteins involved in addiction and schizophrenia, Merck is constantly developing specific, novel antibodies to analyze the neural synapse. Besides Merck’s exclusive neuronal nuclear marker NeuN, our neurofilament antibody selection is the most extensive available, and many of our phospho-specific antibodies and assays recognize key proteins in neuronal somatic function. In addition, find antibodies to targets such as: GFAP, MBP, Synapsin, Synaptotagmin, Synaptophysin, Synaptojanin, Synaptobrevin, PSD95, Neuroligin, Neurofascin, a-Synuclein, and many more.

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