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Fully-Automated, LC-Integrated Sample Preparation of Untreated Bio-Fluids

LiChrospher® ADSLiChrospher® ADS is designed for on-line, LC-integrated sample preparation of hydrophobic, low molecular weight analytes from untreated biological samples such as hemolyzed blood, plasma, serum, milk, salivary fluid, fermentation broth, supernatants of cell cultures and tissue, as well as food homogenates. This fully-automated system enables direct extraction and enrichment prior to analyte separation via high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Hence, untreated bio-fluids can be directly injected without negative effects on either the column or results. Compared to conventional off-line sample preparation, LiChrospher® ADS offers a less expensive, less time consuming and more precise solution.

Off-Line Versus On-Line Sample Preparation

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LiChrospher® ADS Specifications

LiChrospher® ADS sorbents belong to the family of restricted access materials (RAM) with two chemically different surfaces. Extraction and fractionation with LiChrospher® ADS is based on the simultaneous performance of two chromatographic processes: reversed phase/ion-pair chromatography and size exclusion chromatography.

Feature and Benefits

  • Fast and economical: numerous analysis cycles, direct injection of untreated bio-fluids, fully-automated system, extended column lifetime 
  • Improved precision, accuracy and sensitivity
  • Quantitative elimination of protein matrix
  • On-column enrichment of analytes
Sorbent characteristics
Spherical silica gel particles with two chemically different surface modifications
Surface modifications
1. Exterior surface                                   Diol modification
2. Interior surface (surface of pores)          C-4, C-8, or C-18 modification
Particle size
25 μm
Pore diameter
60 Å (6 nm)
Stability pH 2-7.5
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