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Ready-to-Use Media for Media Fills


Ready-to-Use Liquid Media
for Aseptic Process Simulation

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Pre-Filtered and Ready-to-Go

Merck’s ready-to-use culture media for media fill trials include Tryptic Soy Broth (TSB) prepared according to European and US pharmacopeias. Alternatively, you can choose our Vegetable Peptone Broth (VPB). These liquid broths are first autoclaved, and then undergo a 2-step pre-filtration process consisting of a particulate filter to avoid clogging, and a 0.2 µm filter for sterilization. The media is supplied in 10 liter bags that are triple-layered and gamma-irradiated at 9-20 kGy for enhanced safety of your media fills. Larger volumes are also available upon request.

Merck:/Freestyle/BM-BioMonitoring/Media-Fills/BioM-FS-Media-Fill-Bag-Open-150x100-03252015.jpg Merck:/Freestyle/BM-BioMonitoring/Media-Fills/BioM-FS-Media-Fill-Bag-Schlauch-150x100-03252015.jpg Merck:/Freestyle/BM-BioMonitoring/Media-Fills/BioM-FS-Media-Fill-Bag-Griffseite-250x175-03252015.jpg
10L bag containing TSB for media fill trials in transport box Connection of bag with: inlet tubing, outlet tubing, and injection port (from left to right) Handle at top of bag for convenient use

Gas Impermeable Bags for Unbeatable Safety and Convenience

The self-collapsing bags include an 80 cm long tube with an MPC connector (male insert 3/8”), which enables direct connection to the filling line. Various type of connectors are available upon request. An injection port with a septum allows the supplementation of the broth medium, for example, with neutralizers, antibiotics inactivators, or growth supplements.

Liquid Culture Media for Media Fill

Liquid Culture Media for Media Fill

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Comparison of Dehydrated Culture Media for Efficient Media Fill Testing by Evaluating Cold Filterability

Application Note

Comparison study on cold filtration performance of TSB and non-animal TSB

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