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Reliable Wastewater Analysis

Focus on Water Quality, Not the Test Itself

When it comes to wastewater analysis, there is no room for error. Your testing material must be tested as rigorously as the wastewater itself, especially with the food, beverage, chemical and wastewater treatment industries. Furthermore analysis of wastewater is required by governmental bodies to protect the environment; therefore this is one of the most important topics in industrial and municipal labs. Merck offers you a variety of easy-handling tests, test kits and instruments – so you can focus on on water quality, not the test itself.

Spectroquant® Photometric System

The Spectroquant® photometric system by Merck provides you with a start-to-finish solution for safety in wastewater analysis. The easy to handle Spectroquant® Prove photometers include a barcode reading system for Spectroquant® cell and reagent tests and instrument supported Analytical Quality Assurance system (AQA). A full range of test kits, sample preparation products (e.g. thermoreactors), accessories and ready for use standards for quality assurance are designed for use in the Spectroquant® Prove photometers.

MQuant® Test Strips

MQuant® test strips enable a swift screening check right on the spot. They are ideally suited for semi-quantitative determination of a broad range of ions and compounds and help save many time-consuming and cost-intensive analytical procedures.

MQuant® pH Indicator Strips – Non-Bleeding

For a swift pH-test without using instruments, simply use Merck’s all-purpose MQuant® non-bleeding pH indicator strips. Our transparent pH test strips for turbid solutions make time-consuming sample preparation needles.

Feature and Benefits

One-Stop Shopping
  • globally unique range of rapid test kits, from test strips for checking on the spot to photometric systems for quantitative analysis
Easy Handling
  • 2D-Bar code reader for automatic method selection and documentation for Spectroquant® test kits
  • adaptor-less cell size recognition
  • intuitive menu navigation
  • data transfer with USB stick and LAN
  • reliable results with our professional instrument supported quality assurance concept
Reliable Qualification
  • we use NIST traceable Reference Material for Analytical Quality Assurance (Spectroquant® CombiChecks, PhotoCheck and Certipur® Standards)

Wastewater Analysis Offer

Spectroquant® Spectrophotometers
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Test Kits
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Test Strips
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MQuant® pH Indicator Strips
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Certipur® pH Buffers in Sachets and Titripac® Packaging
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Certipur® UV/VIS  and ICP Standards and High-Purity Acids
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