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New Spectroquant® Test Kits for Water Analysis

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The Innovations Continue

Spectroquant® test kits have always offered progressive solutions for water analysis. Now, the most extensive range of test kits has grown again. Our new Spectroquant® tests push the boundaries of chemistry to give you even clearer answers in water analysis.

Wastewater and Seawater Analysis - The First COD Cell Tests with Unlimited Chloride Tolerance

COD cell testCOD (chemical oxygen demand) measurements are performed to test water for pollutants. But when the sample contains high chloride levels, such as with industrial wastewater or seawater, standard COD tests cannot be used because chloride interferes positively and results in higher COD values. 

To overcome this challenge, Merck has developed the first COD cell tests with unlimited chloride tolerance. The high chloride content is extracted by a special pretreatment step prior to adding the sample to the COD tubes. The two new Spectroquant COD cell tests facilitate measurements in the low range of 5 – 60 mg/l COD, and in the higher range of 50 – 3,000 mg/l COD. This makes them excellent for analyzing a wide variety of industrial wastewater and seawater samples.

Features and Benefits
  • Easy measurement of COD in samples with high chloride content
  • Easy sample pre-treatment
  • Less toxic waste compared to norm method

Cooling and Boiler Water Analysis - The Most Sensitive Chloride, Silicate and Sulfate Tests on the Market

Spectroquant® test kitsAs every power plant, chemical, technical or food and beverage company knows, chemicals, such as chloride, silicate and sulfate, can be very damaging to boiler and cooling water systems. Over time, they cause deposit formation and corrosion, leading to higher maintenance costs and even plant shutdowns. Our four new Spectroquant® photometric tests help you avoid such risks. That’s because they offer the most sensitive measuring ranges available. This unique feature allows you to detect significantly lower concentrations of chloride, silicate and sulfate in your boiler or cooling water system, hence lowering the risk of costly corrosion.

Features and Benefits
  • Easy-to-use tests for sensitive water analysis on-site
  • Cost efficient
  • Comprehensive product range

Drinking Water Analysis - Easier Manganese and Volatile Organic Acid Tests

The Spectroquant® manganese test for drinking water offers the same reliable results and easy handling as before, but has been newly composed to avoid any risk of turbidity. Our Spectroquant® volatile organic acid tests for wastewater are now even faster – they only require a single reaction time of 1 minute, compared to the previous 3 + 10 minutes. These tests have also been recomposed to prevent turbidity.

Features and Benefits
  • Reliable results
  • Easy handling
  • Faster analysis
  • No risk of turbidity
Measuring Range
Order Number
COD Cell Test for seawater / high chloride contents 5.0 – 60.0 mg/l COD 25 1.17058.0001
COD Cell Test for seawater / high chloride contents 50 – 3,000 mg/l COD 25 1.17059.0001
Chloride Test 0.10 – 5.00 mg/l Cl- 100 1.01807.0001
Chloride Cell Test 0.5 – 15.0 mg/l Cl- 25 1.01804.0001
Silicate (silicic acid) Test 0.0005 - 0.5000 mg/l SiO2
0.0002 - 0.2337 mg/l Si 
100 1.01813.0001
Sulfate Test 0.50 – 50.0 mg/l SO42- 100 1.01812.0001
Manganese Test 0.005 – 2.00 mg/l Mn 250 1.01846.0001
Volatile Organic Acid Cell Test 50 – 3,000 mg/l 25 1.01749.0001
Volatile Organic Acid Test 50 – 3,000 mg/l 100


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