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Certified Conductivity Standards in Practical Sachets

In environmental analysis, it is often necessary to perform measurements right out in the field. For your conductivity measurements, we provide ready-to-use sachets especially designed for this purpose.

The practical Certipur® conductivity standards in sachets from Merck are reliable, easy-to-use and always fresh. Certipur® sachets contain certified conductivity standard solutions in small, handy portions suitable for laboratory and external use. Their safe and robust packaging protects them from contamination with micro-organisms, CO2 or pollutants.

Merck’s ready-to-use conductivity standards can be used outdoors as well as in laboratories, but their convenience and safety make them ideal for mobile environment analysis. Handling couldn’t possibly be easier: Just open the sachet and start measuring. In principle, you do not even need a beaker. For measurements, the electrode can simply be inserted into the sachet.

And because Certipur® conductivity sachets are produced by Merck, you benefit from maximum precision and reliability. Our laboratory for conductivity measurement has a dual accreditation in accordance with DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 and ISO Guide 34. Certipur® conductivity standards are measured against our own primary reference standards certified by PTB in Brunswick, the German metrological institute, and against international conductivity standards from NIST (U.S.). Both traceability procedures are documented in a comprehensive, batch-specific Certificate of Analysis.
Catalog Number Catalog Name
116770 啼斯巴洛液 (TISAB-III solution)
101254 氯化鉀溶液(標準品 12.8 mS/cm) (Potassium chloride solution (nominal 12.8 mS/cm))
115368 啼斯巴洛液 (總離子強度調整緩衝液) (TISAB solution)
101553 電導度液標準品 1.41 mS/cm (Potassium chloride solution (nominal 1.41 mS/cm))
101557 氯化鉀溶液(標準品 0,147 mS/cm) (Potassium chloride solution (nominal 0.147 mS/cm))
101586 電導度液標準品 0.147 mS/cm (Potassium chloride solution (nominal 0.147 mS/cm))
104818 氯化鉀溶液 (Potassium chloride solution)
101810 電導度水 (0 mS/cm) (Conductivity water ( nominal 0 mS/cm))
101811 氯化鉀溶液 (0.015 mS/cm) (Potassium chloride solution ( nominal 0.015 mS/cm))
101554 電導度液標準品 12.8 mS/cm確效包 (Potassium chloride solution (nominal 12.8 mS/cm))
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