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Titrisol® pH Reference Buffer Concentrates

Merck’s pH buffer materials with reference pH values are provided in a variety of convenient packaging options. Our Titrisol® reference buffer concentrates combine ease of use and maximum precision. Simply dilute your Titrisol® buffer concentrate in order to produce your ready-to-use pH buffer solution. We offer buffer concentrates with pH reference values from 1.00 to 13.00 (at 20 °C) for the routine calibration and monitoring of your pH instruments.

pH values are determined with highest precision. We analyze our Titrisol® concentrated buffer materials in our own ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory with a combined glass electrode and 5-point calibration according to DIN 19628 against certified primary standard reference materials according to DIN 19266. They are traceable to primary standard reference materials from NIST (U.S.) and PTB in Brunswick (Germany). Uncertainty data and traceability are documented in a comprehensive, batch-specific Certificate of Analysis. 

Catalog Number Catalog Name
109884 濃縮緩衝液 (Buffer concentrate)
109887 濃縮緩衝液 (Buffer concentrate)
109883 濃縮緩衝液 (Buffer concentrate)
109893 濃縮緩衝液 (Buffer concentrate)
109879 濃縮緩衝液 (Buffer concentrate for buffer solution acc. to WEISE)
109892 濃縮緩衝液 (Buffer concentrate)
109882 濃縮緩衝液 (Buffer concentrate)
109880 濃縮緩衝液 (Buffer concentrate)
109888 濃縮緩衝液 (Buffer concentrate)
109890 濃縮緩衝液 (Buffer concentrate)
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