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Reliable, Residue-Free Concentrates
for the Production of Water Baths

Extran MA detergents for manual cleaningExtran® MA manual washing products are universally applicable concentrates for the production of water baths. They ensure reliable and residue-free cleaning of laboratory equipment even in difficult cases, while being gentle on the environment and the health of your staff. Our Extran® MA liquid concentrates are also extremely easy to use: Items to be cleaned are simply immersed in the diluted solution.

Application Advice

  • Water is used to prepare the cleaning solution. If slight sedimentation of the hardener occurs, more Extran® MA must be added. De-mineralized water boosts cleaning effect
  • Items to be cleaned are simply immersed in the solution
  • Once cleaning is finished, items should be first rinsed with tap water, then with demineralized water
  • Baths can be used for longer periods without a noticeable decrease in cleaning effect
  • If necessary, rinsing liquid can be supplemented with fresh Extran® MA
  • The duration of application is less than 2 hours
  • For difficult cases (e.g. plaster blood or heavy oil), items to be cleaned should be left in the bath a little longer
  • Heat speeds up the cleaning process
  • Extran® MA is also ideally suited to ultrasound cleaning

Features and Benefits

  • Universally applicable
  • Reliable, residue-free cleaning
  • Safe for users and environment
  • Easy to use
Extran® MA 01 Liquid, Alkaline
  • Universal cleaner for removal of heavy contamination
  • Suitable for wiping tables, tiles and floors
  • Can also be used to soak lab equipment prior to automated cleaning
  • Not intended for use on alkali-sensitive materials, e.g. aluminium
Extran® MA 02 Liquid, Neutral
  • Gentle, universal cleaner for appliances made of alkali-sensitive metals, e.g. aluminum, zinc, and alloys with similar behavior
  • Suitable for metal appliances and precision measuring devices made of glass and quartz, e.g. burettes, pipettes, cells, blood gas analyzers
  • Also for cleaning other medical utensils which are sensitive to aggressive detergents and have problematic contamination
Extran® MA 05 Liquid, Alkaline, Phosphate-Free
  • Universal cleaner for removal of tough stains
  • Unlimited use also possible with very hard water
  • Not intended for use on alkali-sensitive materials, e.g. aluminium
  • Especially recommended for labs conducting micro-phosphate tests
Catalog Number Catalog Name
107555 洗液 MA 01 (Extran® MA 01)
107553 Extran® MA 02 (Extran® MA 02)
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