Millipore Express® SHF Cartridge Filters

High flow sterilizing-grade PES filters for validated process steps

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Cartridges with Silicone O-rings · Code 0, 2-222 O-ring Limpar Classificação e Filtragem
Número de catálogoicon Tamanho dos porosicon Comprimento nominal do cartuchoicon
CGEP01TP30.2 µm 10 in. (25 cm) Preço e disponibilidade

Packaged 3 cartridges per box.

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Cartridges with Silicone O-rings · Code 7, 2-226 O-ring w/locking-tabs and spear Limpar Classificação e Filtragem
Número de catálogoicon Tamanho dos porosicon Comprimento nominal do cartuchoicon
CGEP71TP30.2 µm 10 in. (25 cm) Preço e disponibilidade
CGEP72TP30.2 µm 20 in. (50 cm) Preço e disponibilidade
CGEP73TP30.2 µm 30 in. (75 cm) Preço e disponibilidade
CGEP75TP30.2 µm 5 in. (12.5 cm) Preço e disponibilidade

Packaged 3 cartridges per box.
The 10" Code 7 cartridges exist as 1 per box for validation studies (replace last digit by 1)

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    1X PBS (Phosphate Buffered Saline) Buffer Mixing Optimization
    Application Note: Cellvento™ CHO-100 Media Mix and Filtration Optimization
    Application Note: Integrity Test Troubleshooting - Beyond Rewet and Retest
    Extended bacterial retention testing of Millipore Express® 0.2 μm filters in a continuous flow system
    Filter Integrity Test Methods
    Scalable Process Filtration with Millipore Express® SHF 0.2 μm Filters
    Scalable Process Filtration with Opticap® XL 150, 300 and 600 Capsules with Millipore Express® Membranes
    Simplified, efficient sizing of sterilizing-grade normal flow filters for buffer solutions
    Steam-in-Place Method in the Reverse Direction for Millipore Express® PES Filters
    Sterile Filtration of Ophthalmic Solutions

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    Millipore Express® SHF Hydrophilic Filters


    Quality by Design (QbD) Principles in Aseptic Processing


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    "Schneller und effizienter" (Faster and more efficient)
    Ulrich Hoebel, Key Account Manager for Boehringer Ingelheim & Regional Sales Manager in Central Area
    Biotechnica Today, official journal of the Hannover tradeshow Biotechnica, published by the German magazine Laborpraxis, issue October 18 2005, page 9  2005

    Filtración esterilizante rápida y económica: tecnologia de membrana Express® (Faster Sterile Filtration with New Membrane Technology)
    Josep Vilella, Bioprocess Marketing, Tech Service and internal Support Specialist in Spain
    Tecnicas de Laboratorio (Spanish magazine), issue 306, November 2005 , page 975  2005

    Increasing the Speed of Buffer Filtration; Tutorial: Millipore Express SHF Filters Utilize Composite Asymmetric Polyethersulfone Sterile Membrane
    Laurelle Sciola-Tulecke and Susan Barrett
    GEN, Volume 23, Number 14, August 2003  2003


    Is Millipore Express SHF a sterilizing grade membrane?Yes. The Millipore Express SHF membrane meets ASTM requirements of quantitative retention of 107 CFU/cm2 Brevundimonas diminuta ATCC® 19146 per ASTM methodology. Millipore Express SHF has the same probability of producing a sterile effluent as Durapore. The retention standards (ASTM 838-83) and protocols (ASTM, HIMA methodology) that were used to validate Durapore membrane were used to validate Millipore Express SHF.
    Why do Millipore Express SHF filters have such high flux?Versus Durapore, the morphology of the Millipore Express SHF membrane is different - having been optimized to provide very high flow rates with clean intermediate streams, such as buffers, with complete assurance of sterility.
    How is Durapore membrane different than Millipore Express SHF?Durapore membrane is made from a different polymer (polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) versus the polyethersulfone membrane of Millipore Express SHF) and has a different pore structure. These give Millipore SHF a flow advantage.
    How is the Millipore Express SHF membrane different than the Millipore Express and Express Plus membranes used for Life Science filtration?Millipore Express SHF was designed specifically for pharmaceutical applications, as a sterilizing grade, high flux, and caustic compatible membrane for large scale devices.

    Millipore Express and Express Plus membranes were designed for sterile filtration of tissue culture media and are not compatible with caustics. Millipore Express and Espress Plus are available only in laboratory scale devices.
    Is the Millipore Express SHF filter difficult to wet?No, the membrane is very hydrophilic.
    What is the recommended wetting procedure for Millipore Express SHF OptiScales?The wetting procedure for OptiScale with Millipore Express SHF is the same procedure for wetting OptiScale with Durapore: OptiScales are generally flushed with water, usually about 100 mls for a 47 mm disk.
    Are integrity tests are run on Millipore Express SHF cartridges prior to release?All Millipore Express SHF filters are 100% integrity tested prior to release.
    What is the recommended procedure for running a pre-use integrity test?Millipore recommends sterilizing the filter prior to conducting a pre-use integrity test. (Ref. Steam-in-Place Method for Millipore Express SHF Filters Technical Brief, Lit#TB2000EN00) See also Millipore Express SHF integrity test recommendations.
    What Millipore Express SHF configurations are currently available?Hydrophilic Millipore Express SHF 0.2 µm filters are currently available in 10-inch, 20-inch and 30-inch Code 0 & Code 7 cartridges, and in OptiScale capsules and 47 mm discs.
    Catalog No.Description
    CGEP71TP3Millipore Express SHF 0.2 10-inch CD7
    CGEP72TP3Millipore Express SHF 0.2 20-inch CD7
    CGEP73TP3Millipore Express SHF 0.2 30-inch CD7
    CGEP01TP3Millipore Express SHF 0.2 10-inch CD0
    CGEP02TP3Millipore Express SHF 0.2 20-inch CD0
    CGEP03TP3Millipore Express SHF 0.2 30-inch CD0
    SGEPA47FH3Millipore Express SHF OptiScale 47 mm 0.2 µm FH 3/PK
    SGEPA47FF3Millipore Express SHF OptiScale 47 mm 0.2 µm FF 3/PK
    SGEPA47HH3Millipore Express SHF OptiScale 47 mm 0.2 µm HH 3/PK
    GEPP04725Millipore Express SHF 0.2 Hydrophilic 47 mm Discs 25/PK
    How should I search for Millipore Express SHF on the Millipore web site?We recommend typing “Millipore Express SHF” or “Express SHF”, including the quotes, into the search field. This will search for the entire phrase, and will display more targeted results than simply searching for the word “Express”.

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    Filters with Millipore Express® Membrane -Wetting Instructions, Integrity Testing and Drying Guidelines
    Wetting Instructions for Filter Units with Durapore Membrane

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