Millipore Express® SHR 0.1 μm and 0.5/0.1 µm Cartridge Filters

Sterilizing-grade PES membrane for fast, efficient, economical filtration of cell culture media and mycoplasma removal

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Standard Area Cartridges with Silicone O-rings · Code 7, 2-226 O-ring w/locking-tabs and spear Limpar Classificação e Filtragem
Número de catálogoicon Tamanho dos porosicon Comprimento nominal do cartuchoicon
CHVE71TS30.5 / 0.1 µm 10 in. (25 cm) Preço e disponibilidade
CHVE72TS30.5 / 0.1 µm 20 in. (50 cm) Preço e disponibilidade
CHVE73TS30.5 / 0.1 µm 30 in. (75 cm) Preço e disponibilidade
CVEP71TS30.1 µm 10 in. (25 cm) Preço e disponibilidade

Packaged 3 cartridges per box.
The 10" Code 7 cartridges exist as 1 per box for validation studies (replace last digit by 1)

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    Informações técnicas

    Application Note: Cellvento™ CHO-100 Media Mix and Filtration Optimization
    Application Note: Integrity Test Troubleshooting - Beyond Rewet and Retest
    Application Note: Performance of High-Area Millipore Express® Cartridge Filters
    Cell Culture Media Microfiltration and Mixing: Reducing Risk with Single-use Technology
    Demonstrating Millipore Express® SHR mycoplasma clearance capability at pilot and production scale over an extended filtration time
    Filter Integrity Test Methods
    Mycoplasma removal
    Scalable Process Filtration with Millipore Express® SHR 0.1 μm Filters
    Steam-in-Place Method in the Reverse Direction for Millipore Express® PES Filters

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    Millipore Express® SHR Hydrophilic Filters


    Quality by Design (QbD) Principles in Aseptic Processing


    Visão geral das referências
    Mobile Phase Preparation for UHPLC: Membrane Filtration Method Affects System Performance and Leaching of Extractable Impurities
    Subodh Kulkarn(1), Jesmi George(2) and Vivek Joshi(2) (1) Millipore India Pvt. Ltd., Bioscience Division, 50A, 2nd Phase, Ring Road, Peenya, Bangalore, India 560058 (2) Millipore Corp., Bioscience Division, 17 Cherry Hill Drive, Danvers, MA 01923
    LCGC  2010

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    "Schneller und effizienter" (Faster and more efficient)
    Ulrich Hoebel, Key Account Manager for Boehringer Ingelheim & Regional Sales Manager in Central Area
    Biotechnica Today, official journal of the Hannover tradeshow Biotechnica, published by the German magazine Laborpraxis, issue October 18 2005, page 9  2005

    Filtración esterilizante rápida y económica: tecnologia de membrana Express® (Faster Sterile Filtration with New Membrane Technology)
    Josep Vilella, Bioprocess Marketing, Tech Service and internal Support Specialist in Spain
    Tecnicas de Laboratorio (Spanish magazine), issue 306, November 2005 , page 975  2005

    Manuais do usuário

    Filters with Millipore Express® Membrane -Wetting Instructions, Integrity Testing and Drying Guidelines
    Vmax Constant Pressure
    Wetting Instructions for Filter Units with Durapore Membrane

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