Clarigard Cartridge Filters

Clarigard® filters' 99.99% retention rating characteristic makes them ideal for the protection of critical downstream process steps such as membrane filters or chromatography columns.



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  · Code 7, 2-226 O-ring w/locking-tabs and spear Borrar Clasificación y Filtrado
Número de referenciaicon Tamaño nominal de poroicon Longitud nominal del cartuchoicon
D03073S013.0 µm 30 in. (75 cm) Precios y disponibilidad

To order cartridges with other o-rings than the standard silicone, replace the 7th digit by E for ethylene-propylene, V for fluoroelastomer or T for PTFE encapsulated fluoroelastomer - except for Code F (polyethylene gaskets) and Code P (silicone gaskets).
Packaged 1 cartridge per box, except 2-inch 3 cartridges per box.

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    The science of managing change for filters

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    Application Note: Generic Process of Virus-Like Particle (VLP) Based Vaccine Manufacturing

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    Clarigard® Filters

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    "Millipore, partenaire idéal pour la stabilisation des Grands Vins" (Millipore, partner of choice for Great Wines Stabilization)
    Jany Boeuf, Application Specialist and F&B Sales Support for France in collaboration with Bruno Sapin from Hygiatech, French distributor; La Revue des Oenologues (French magazine for oenology), issue January 2005, page 77
    La Revue des Oenologues (French magazine for oenology), issue January 2005, page 77  2005

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