06-747 | Anti-Neomycin Phosphotransferase II Antibody

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      Replacement Information

      Key Spec Table

      Species ReactivityKey ApplicationsHostFormatAntibody Type
      BactWBRbPurifiedPolyclonal Antibody
      Catalogue Number06-747
      Brand Family Upstate
      Trade Name
      • Upstate
      DescriptionAnti-Neomycin Phosphotransferase II Antibody
      Background InformationNeomycin phosphotransferase II confers resistance to kanamycin and neomycin in bacteria and G418 (Geneticin®, G418 Sulfate) in mammalian cells. These antibiotics bind to ribosomal components and inhibit protein synthesis. NPT II inhibits these antibiotics through phosphorylation, which is thought to interfere with their active transport into the cell. Immunoblot analysis of transfected cell lysates with anti NPT II can be used to gauge relative transfection efficiencies in experiments where multiple transfections are performed in parallel with different plasmids.
      Product Information
      • RIPA lysates from Cos-1 cells transfected with pUSE, harboring the neomycin resistance gene
      PresentationPurified rabbit polyclonal IgG in buffer containing 0.1 M Tris-glycine, pH 7.4, 0.15 M NaCl, 0.05% sodium azide before the addition of glycerol to 30%. Liquid at -20°C.
      ApplicationAnti-Neomycin Phosphotransferase II Antibody is an antibody against Neomycin Phosphotransferase II for use in WB.
      Key Applications
      • Western Blotting
      Application NotesWestern Blot Analysis:
      1-2 μg/mL dilutions of a previous lot detected NPT II in RIPA lysates from Cos-1 cells transfected with pUSE, harboring the neomycin resistance gene.
      Biological Information
      ImmunogenFull length neomycin phosphotransferase (NPT) II
      ConcentrationPlease refer to the Certificate of Analysis for the lot-specific concentration.
      SpecificityRecognizes NPT II, Mr ~30 kDa
      Species Reactivity
      • Bacteria
      Species Reactivity NoteHuman. Expected to react with mouse and rat based on sequence homology.
      Antibody TypePolyclonal Antibody
      • Phosphorylation
      Purification MethodProtein A Purfied
      UniProt Number
      Molecular Weight~30 kDa
      Physicochemical Information
      Materials Information
      Toxicological Information
      Safety Information according to GHS
      Safety Information
      Product Usage Statements
      Quality AssuranceRoutinely evaluated by Western Blot on transiently transfected Cos-1 cells.

      Western Blot Analysis:
      1-2 μg/mL of a previous lot detected NPT II in RIPA lysate from Cos-1 cells transfected with pUSE, harboring the neomycin resistance gene.
      Usage Statement
      • Unless otherwise stated in our catalog or other company documentation accompanying the product(s), our products are intended for research use only and are not to be used for any other purpose, which includes but is not limited to, unauthorized commercial uses, in vitro diagnostic uses, ex vivo or in vivo therapeutic uses or any type of consumption or application to humans or animals.
      Storage and Shipping Information
      Storage ConditionsStable for 1 year at 2 - 8°C from date of receipt.

      Handling Recommendations:
      Upon receipt, and prior to removing the cap, centrifuge the vial and gently mix the solution. Aliquot into microcentrifuge tubes and store at 2 - 8°C. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles, which may damage IgG and affect product performance. Note: Variability in freezer temperatures below 2 - 8°C may cause glycerol containing solutions to become frozen during storage.
      Packaging Information
      Material Size200 µg
      Transport Information
      Supplemental Information




      Safety Data Sheet (SDS) 

      Certificates of Analysis

      TitleLot Number
      Anti-Neomycin Phosphotransferase II - 2137085 2137085
      Anti-Neomycin Phosphotransferase II - 2344637 2344637
      Anti-Neomycin Phosphotransferase II - 2436415 2436415
      Anti-Neomycin Phosphotransferase II - 16474 16474
      Anti-Neomycin Phosphotransferase II - 18497 18497
      Anti-Neomycin Phosphotransferase II - 19606 19606
      Anti-Neomycin Phosphotransferase II - 2000848 2000848
      Anti-Neomycin Phosphotransferase II - 2032297 2032297
      Anti-Neomycin Phosphotransferase II - 2064517 2064517
      Anti-Neomycin Phosphotransferase II - 21635 21635


      Reference overviewApplicationPub Med ID
      Stability of structured Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus ORF57 protein is regulated by protein phosphorylation and homodimerization.
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      Journal of virology  89  3256-74  2015

      Show Abstract
      25568207 25568207
      Efficient CRISPR-Cas9-mediated genome editing in Plasmodium falciparum.
      Wagner, JC; Platt, RJ; Goldfless, SJ; Zhang, F; Niles, JC
      Nature methods  11  915-8  2014

      Show Abstract
      25108687 25108687
      Functional Characterization of ABCB4 Mutations Found in Low Phospholipid-Associated Cholelithiasis (LPAC).
      Kim, TH; Park, HJ; Choi, JH
      The Korean journal of physiology & pharmacology : official journal of the Korean Physiological Society and the Korean Society of Pharmacology  17  525-30  2013

      Show Abstract
      Western Blotting24381502 24381502
      Metastasis of aggressive amoeboid sarcoma cells is dependent on Rho/ROCK/MLC signaling.
      Kosla, J; Paňková, D; Plachý, J; Tolde, O; Bicanová, K; Dvořák, M; Rösel, D; Brábek, J
      Cell communication and signaling : CCS  11  51  2013

      Show Abstract
      23899007 23899007
      Mechanistic insight into the pathology of polyalanine expansion disorders revealed by a mouse model for X linked hypopituitarism.
      Hughes, J; Piltz, S; Rogers, N; McAninch, D; Rowley, L; Thomas, P
      PLoS genetics  9  e1003290  2013

      Show Abstract
      23505376 23505376
      An integrated strategy for efficient vector construction and multi-gene expression in Plasmodium falciparum.
      Wagner, JC; Goldfless, SJ; Ganesan, SM; Lee, MC; Fidock, DA; Niles, JC
      Malaria journal  12  373  2013

      Show Abstract
      Western Blotting24160265 24160265
      Mutation in the catalytic subunit of DNA polymerase alpha influences transcriptional gene silencing and homologous recombination in Arabidopsis.
      Liu J, Ren X, Yin H, Wang Y, Xia R, Wang Y, Gong Z
      Plant J  61  36-45. Epub 2009 Sep 21.  2010

      Show Abstract
      19769574 19769574
      Missense mutations associated with Diamond-Blackfan anemia affect the assembly of ribosomal protein S19 into the ribosome.
      Angelini, M; Cannata, S; Mercaldo, V; Gibello, L; Santoro, C; Dianzani, I; Loreni, F
      Human molecular genetics  16  1720-7  2007

      Show Abstract
      17517689 17517689

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