Novagen® PureGenome™ High Efficiency NGS Library Preparation Reagents

Less bias. Less time. More matched reads.

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Genomic DNA Extraction Clear Sorting & Filtering
Catalogue Numbericon Descriptionicon
72635PureGenome™ Tissue DNA Extraction Kit Show Pricing & Availability
72636PureGenome™ On-Spot Tissue DNA Kit Show Pricing & Availability

PureGenome™ On-Spot Solution is provided for selecting targeted section areas prior to Proteinase K digestion and purification.

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Library Preparation Clear Sorting & Filtering
Catalogue Numbericon Descriptionicon
PGN001PureGenome™ Next Generation Sequencing Library DNA Modifier Show Pricing & Availability
PGN002PureGenome™ Next Generation Sequencing Library A-Tail Enhancer Show Pricing & Availability
PGN003PureGenome™ Next Generation Sequencing Library Amplifier Show Pricing & Availability

The PureGenome™ reagents sets are validated together and uniquely lot-controlled to ensure high quality library preparation. EMD Millipore does not recommend purchasing individual reagent boxes.

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Library Validation Clear Sorting & Filtering
Catalogue Numbericon Descriptionicon
PGN004PureGenome™ Next Generation Sequencing Library Validator Kit Show Pricing & Availability

*Kit was optimized using SABiosciences SYBR® qPCR mastermix

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