PCR Cleanup Filter Plates

Remove primers and unincorporated dNTPs in one step



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Filter Plates Clear Sorting & Filtering
Catalogue Numbericon Descriptionicon Pack Sizeicon
LSKMPCR10MultiScreen PCRµ96 Filter Plate 10 Show Pricing & Availability
LSKMPCR50MultiScreen-PCRµ96 Filter Plate 50 Show Pricing & Availability
MSNU03010MultiScreen-PCR96 Filter Plate 10 Show Pricing & Availability
MSNU03050MultiScreen-PCR96 Filter Plate 50 Show Pricing & Availability
S384PCR10MultiScreen PCR384 Filter Plate 10 Show Pricing & Availability
S384PCR50MultiScreen PCR384 Filter Plate 50 Show Pricing & Availability

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Required Equiment Clear Sorting & Filtering
Catalogue Numbericon Descriptionicon Pack Sizeicon
MSVMHTS00MultiScreenHTS Vacuum Manifold 1 Show Pricing & Availability
WP6110060Chemical Duty Pump, 100 V/50–60 Hz 1 Show Pricing & Availability
WP6111560Chemical Duty Pump, 115 V/60 Hz 1 Show Pricing & Availability
WP6122050Chemical Duty Pump, 220 V/50 Hz 1 Show Pricing & Availability

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    Technical Info

    PCR Purification Using Montage PCR96 Cleanup Kits on the Packard MultiPROBE® II EX Liquid Handling System
    PCR Purification Using Montage PCR96 Cleanup Kits on the Tecan Genesis® RSP
    PCR Purification Using Montage PCR<sub>u96 </sub>Plates on the PerkinElmer MultiPROBE® II HT EX liquid handling system.
    PCR Purification Using Montage PCRu96 Plates on the Tecan MiniPrep 60 MolBio Instrument
    PCR Purification Using the Montage PCR96 Cleanup Kit on the Qiagen BioRobot 3000 Workstation.
    PCR Purification Using the Montage PCR96 Cleanup Kit on the Tecan MiniPrep 60 MolBio Instrument

    Data Sheet

    DNA Template Prep and Sequencing Reaction Cleanup
    MultiScreen 384-PCR Filter Plate: Automation-friendly 384-well plate for high-throughput purification of PCR* products


    High Density Sample Preparation Prior To Capillary Electrophoresis Sequencing; 2000
    Increasing Throughput and Quality of Sequencing by Automation
    Poster: An Industrialized Platform for Yeast Two-Hybrid Screening
    Poster: Montage PCRµ96 and SEQ96: A Total Solution for Sequencing PCR-derived Templates
    Poster: Purification Automation of Small Volume PCR Purification


    Reference overviewApplication
    PCR Amplification on a Microarray of Gel-Immobilized Oligonucleotides: Detection of Bacterial Toxin- and Drug-Resistant Genes and Their Mutations
    Strizhkov, B.N. Drobyshev, A.L. Mikhailovich, V.M. Mirzabekov, A.D.
    BioTechniques 29:844-857  2000

    A Concise Guide to cDNA Microarray Analysis
    P. Hegde, R. Qi, K. Abernathy, C. Gay, S. Dharap, R. Gaspard, J.E. Hughes, E. Snesrud, N. Lee, and J. Quackenbush
    BioTechniques Vol. 29, No. 3: pp 548-562 (Sep 2000)  2000

    A specific and sensitive PCR assay suitable for large-scale detection of toxigenic Pasteurella multocida in nasal and tonsillar swabs specimens of pigs
    Kamp, E.M. etal., J.Vet Diagn Invest 8:, 304-309
    J.Vet Diagn Invest 8:, 304-309  1996

    Nucleic Acid Purification and Concentration
    Use of MultiScreen Plates for the Preparation of Bacterial DNA Suitable for PCR
    Reek, F.H., Smits, M.A., Kamp, E. M., Smith, H.E.
    BioTechniques. 19: 2, 282 – 285  1995

    Nucleic Acid Purification and Concentration


    Can the Montage PCR-96 Kit be used in a procedure employing centrifugal rather than vacuum filtration?Use of the Montage PCR-96 Kit in a centrifugal protocol is not recommended.
    Is a wash step required following the initial filtration with the Montage PCR-96 Cleanup Kit?For many applications, a wash step is not necessary. If you need wash the purified PCR products, use the nuclease free water included in the PCR cleanup kit.
    Is the Montage PCR-96 kit capable of eliminating Triton or other detergents from the buffers used in PCR reactions?It is difficult to completely remove Triton. We recommend the use of a PCR buffer that is Triton-free. Alternatively, one can use MultiScreen FB plates with TN063 protocol.
    Can the MultiScreen-PCR plate be used in a centrifugal mode?The MultiScreen-PCR plates are designed for use in the vacuum mode and use in the centrifugal mode is not recommended.
    My recoveries with the MultiScreen384-PCR plate are lower than expected. How can I improve them?Here a few things to check:
    • Make sure the vacuum is set to 10"Hg.
    • For detergent free PCR buffers, dilute sample up to 100ul prior to filtration.
    • Make sure the product is filtered to dryness. This will take at least 15 minutes.
    • Ensure adequate mixing by either automated pipetting or agitation on a shaker.
    What is the minimum recovery volume possible when using the MultiScreen-PCR plates?The minimum recovery volume is 50µl. Use of smaller volumes can be used but will result in a decrease in DNA recovery.
    What are the dimensions of the Multiscreen-PCR plate?The plate length is 123.4mm. The plate width is 82.7mm. the plate depth is 14.6mm without the cover. 16.5mm with cover.
    When using the Montage kits how can I tell when filtration in the MultiScreen plate is complete?Filtration is complete when the individual wells of the MultiScreen plate are empty and the membranes appears shiny. Filtration usually takes about 10 minutes, depending on starting volume.
    What is the maximum vacuum that can be applied to the Montage PCRu96 plate?The recommended vacuum pressure for PCR purification is 20 inches of Hg. Exceeding this vacuum pressure will adversely affect recovery of PCR products and is not recommended.
    How do I resuspend the samples from the Montage PCRm96 plate?Maximal recovery of purified PCR products requires efficient dissolution of the concentrated nucleic acid from the membrane surface. There are several efficient methods that can be used for resuspension of PCR products form the PCRm96 plate. The choice of a resuspension method should take into account the equipment available, automation and the desired throughput and/or processing time.

    Passive Resuspension
    Incubate the plate at room temperature for 20 minutes followed by pipetting up and down once. Transfer the samples to a suitable collection plate.

    Active Resuspension
    1. Shaking the plate for 10 minutes on a plate shaker (e.g., Lab-Line Titer Plate Shaker Model 4625 set at 1100 rpm). Transfer to collection plate.
    2. Shake the plate for 10 minutes on at setting #5 on vortex mixer (fitted with a microwell plate adapter) for 10 minutes. Transfer to collection plate.

    Resuspension via an automated liquid handler
    The Beckman Multimek-96 workstation can be used to dissolve the samples in 20 mL by adjusting the tip height to above the membrane surface and mixing 15 mL for 25-50 cycles at 50% pipetting speed.

    Note: Other pipetting workstations may also be used to efficiently resuspend purified products from the Montage PCRm96 plate. However, optimization of the resuspension conditions for any particular liquid handlers is required.

    User Guides

    Montage PCR<sub>96</sub> Clean-Up Kit Laminated Card
    Montage PCR<sub>96</sub> Clean-Up Kit User Guide
    MultiScreen 384 PCR Plate
    MultiScreen PCR µ96 Plate